When Does ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Air, and Who Do Fans Want to See on the Show the Most?

We all watched Colton Underwood capture Cassie Randolph’s heart recently on The Bachelor, and we’re now gearing up for Hannah Brown’s opportunity at finding lasting love on The Bachelorette. Hannah’s season is sure to be exciting, but many fans of the show are particularly ready for the summer, as that’s when Bachelor in Paradise typically begins. We’ve heard a few women on Colton’s season discuss the possibility of ending up in Mexico, and a few have even divulged who they hope to meet there if they go. As for who fans want to see, they’ve been vocal about that, too.

Here’s when Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 airs and who fans really hope to watch.

Bachelor in Paradise just announced its return for Season 6

We can start watching past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants attempt to find love starting on Monday, July 29, according to Bachelor in Paradise‘s official Instagram and Twitter page. Glamour reminds us that episodes typically begin airing in August, so this is actually early for the show. And you can catch the episodes on ABC on Monday nights from 8 to 10 p.m.

We don’t know exactly who will be on the beach yet, but we have gotten some clues in regards to Colton Underwood’s season. Glamour notes the cast list is usually announced in early July when the show airs in August, so we’re hoping for the list in possibly late June.

Fans would love to see Demi on the beach

On Colton Underwood’s season finale, Bachelor fans got a major clue that Demi Burnett wasn’t quite finished with being on TV yet — and just about everyone wants her to return. Her fierce, independent attitude came off as abrasive and childish to some of the other women on the show, but Demi was always true to herself — and fans are speaking out about how much they’d love to see her find love in Paradise.

As one fan commented on the Bachelor in Paradise Instagram page, “WE WANT DEMI.” And other elaborated on their love for her as well. “I hope Demi is on as well. I didnt like her at first. I thought she was a spoiled brat but shes really not. Shes seems like a sweetie. She grew on me. She just likes to have fun and doesnt apologize for it,” another added.

Even the famous Paradise bartender, Wells Adams, has spoken about how Demi would be a perfect fit for the show. In an interview with Us Weekly, he mentioned, “I think that Demi [Burnett]will probably come across as pretty normal on Paradise.”

Fans are also hopeful Hannah G. will be there


While Cassie stole Colton’s heart, it was Hannah Godwin who fans really wanted to win. She won the first impression rose in the beginning of the season and kept a solid relationship all the way to the end. Sadly, she was totally blindsided when she was sent home packing — but she seems ready to find love again. As she said in an interview with Extra TV, “I’d be open to it. I love the beach, and I love love. So I heard you can find both of those things there. It’s possible, you never know.”

In the same interview, she also mentioned that she’d love to see Blake Horstmann on the beach, too. And Glamour notes fans want Hannah to have exactly what she asked for. As one fan commented on Twitter, “Beautiful. Now producers you better cast these cuties @balockaye_h and @hannahg11,” complete with a side-by-side photo of Hannah and Blake. And on Instagram, another added, “You need some BLAKE in your life! And BLAKE needs some HANNAH in HIS!”

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