When Does ‘GLOW’ Season 3 Come Out On Netflix?

The hit Netflix series GLOW has aired for two seasons on the streaming service. So when it Season 3 due out? Here’s what you need to know about the new season of GLOW.

What is GLOW about?

GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The series is actually based on a true story. In the 1980s, a TV event featuring female wrestlers became popular for a short period of time. Years later, a documentary on the subject was released, which became the inspiration for the fictional series.

GLOW follows Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), a struggling actress who comes across the audition for a wrestling promotion. What starts as just an acting job becomes a group of women who are practically family. The series was created by Liz Flahive (Homeland) and Carly Mensch (Weeds), and Jenji Kohan (Orange Is the New Black) is an executive producer. 

A recap of GLOW Seasons 1 and 2

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Season 1 sees the formation of the core group. At the crux of it all is Ruth, who recently had a falling out with her best friend, Debbie Eagan (Betty Gilpin), after she slept with her husband. Debbie is brought on board by the director, Sam Sylvia (Mark Maron), and their feud becomes a part of their characters’ “stories.”

In Season 2, the group begins to change. The show itself experiences quite a few setbacks, and Debbie and Ruth patch things up. In the end, it appears as though GLOW will be no more — that is, until they get an intriguing offer, and decide to move to Las Vegas to take up a residency there.

GLOW has fared well in the awards circuit

GLOW is a mixed bag: Yes, it’s about a sport (of sorts), but it’s not really a sports show. It’s about entertainment, though you wouldn’t categorize is a “Hollywood” kind of series. It also features more unknown actors than popular names. So it was a little surprising to some when it was recognized by the Television Academy and the like.

Season 1 was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, and Gilpin was recognized with an acting nod. Additionally, it got recognition in the directing, casting, cinematography, and several other categories, winning for production design and stunt coordination. Season 2 is also up for a few Emmys, and Gilpin will have her chance at Supporting Actress category once again.

Season 3 of GLOW is now out on Netflix

Both previous seasons came out in June, in 2017 and 2018, respectively. So it was a bit disappointing to have to wait so long for Season 3. Thankfully, it’s finally here: All ten episodes of GLOW Season 3 are available to stream on Netflix as of Aug. 9, 2019.

This season, we’ll see the women (and Sam, and Bash) head to Las Vegas. As opposed to tapings of the show airing on public access TV as the previously had, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is now a live production. And that means anything can happen.

Will there be a Season 4 of GLOW?

The stars of Netflix's GLOW
The stars of Netflix’s GLOW | Robby Klein/Getty Images

As Season 3 just came out, there’s no official word on Season 4. Netflix has been known to cancel series after three seasons. However, given its award-show buzz, we can’t see that happening with GLOW. As long as Season 3 is well-received, Season 4 seems all but guaranteed.

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