When Does ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Come Back to TV? Here’s When Season 10 Premieres

It’s only been a few months since the explosive season finale of Hawaii Five-0 aired, but for fans, it’s been an eternity. A cliffhanger episode to close out Season 9 left audiences unsure about the fate of a major character. Fortunately, they should get some answers in just a few weeks when the show returns to CBS for its 10th season. 

‘Hawaii Five-0’ returns September 27 

Hawaii Five-0
Chi McBride as Lou Grover and Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0 | Karen Neal/CBS via Getty Images

Viewers can catch up with Detective Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan), Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), and the rest of the Five-0 crew starting in September. The first episode of season 10 will air Friday, September 27 at 8/7c on CBS. It will be followed by the season premieres of Magnum P.I. and Blue Bloods.

What happens to McGarrett?

If you still haven’t watched last season’s Hawaii Five-0 finale, stop reading now. 

Season 9 wrapped up with Azra (Yasmin Dar), the wife of baddie Omar Hassan, sneaking a gun into HQ. Though she claimed she wanted to apologize for her husband’s actions, she really had a much darker reason for being there. After she arrives with her son, she has a conversation with McGarrett about revenge and forgiveness. Then, she pulls out a weapon and fires in the direction of McGarrett. But did the bullet find its mark? The screen went to black at the episode’s end, with Danny saying, “Oh my God.” 

It’s a classic cliffhanger. While it seems that McGarrett was the one who got shot, it’s also possible that Jerry (Jorge Garcia) was the victim. While the answer is currently a mystery, we’ll undoubtedly get some answers in the season premiere.   

Will Alex O’Loughlin leave ‘Hawaii Five-0’?

McGarrett’s fate is up in the air, but according to TVLine, Alex O’Loughlin is expected to return for the upcoming season. He was also on hand along with many of his castmates for a blessing ceremony to mark the start of filming in July. Before the ceremony began, he told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that he was proud of the show’s longevity and the hard work that goes into its production.

“I just wanna celebrate my crew and celebrate the ohana that we really do have here in front and more so behind the camera because that’s what’s done it,” he said. 

While O’Loughlin sounds happy to be back at work on Hawaii Five-0, could it be possible that season 9 finale was setting up things up for him to play a less prominent role in the series? In the past, he’s talked about wanting to step back from the show that he’s starred in since it debuted in 2012. In particular, the 42-year-old actor has talked about how hard playing McGarrett is on his body and the injuries he’s sustained as a result, as well as wanting to spend more time with his family. 

After hinting he’d leave after season 8, O’Loughlin agreed to come back for a ninth season and now, apparently, a 10th. But if he was shot by Azra in the last episode, perhaps he’ll spend much of the upcoming season recuperating from his injuries rather than chasing bad guys around an island paradise. 

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