When Does ‘OutDaughtered’ Come Back to TV? TLC Announces 2019 Premiere

Get ready for some toddler trouble. OutDaughtered is coming back to TLC for a fourth season, and the Busbys have their hands full with their five three-year-old daughters (plus big sister Blayke). Will the family be able to survive the “three-nager” phase?

OutDaughtered premieres June 11

Season 4 of OutDaughtered premieres Tuesday, June 11 at 9/8c on TLC. This season, Adam and Danielle Busby will be dealing with their quintuplets — Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel — as they go from adorable babies to confident, sassy toddlers. The family of eight will navigate holidays and a cruise vacation and also confront some more serious challenges, including Danielle’s migraines, Parker’s anxiety, and the possibility of another eye surgery for Hazel.

While dealing with the challenges of raising six kids, dad Adam is also working to get his new media marketing company off the ground. Last season, he quit his full-time job to pursue a career path that allows him to work from home. But when he gets a dream job offer, he and Danielle have to agree on how to respond — and they’re not on the same page. Plus, the family has to deal with some bad news that puts their family at risk and forces them out of their home.

Why the Busbys agreed to film OutDaughtered

The Busby family | TLC

In anticipation of the new season of OutDaughtered, mom Danielle shared some thoughts on her blog about why the family decided to a camera crew into your home and share your life with TV viewers around the world.

Contrary to what some people might think, she says the family’s goal wasn’t to become reality TV stars. Danielle wrote that relied on their faith when deciding to have so many children and choosing to be on TV.

“When we were faced with two big life decisions … we prayed about direction and the Lord showed us a path so we said yes! Yes we said yes to keeping the 5 babies when we found out we [were] having five, and yes we said yes to a life of cameras around,” she wrote.

“We believe this is God’s path for us,” she added. “He is the creator of this extraordinary story we have and life and we are called to share our story, so this is what we will do.”

While the Busbys have accepted their unique path in life, Danielle writes that she still can’t believe how things turned out for her.

“You would think after living this life the past 4 years that I would be used to it...but nope! I am still in shock everyday that I actually have 6 kids (lol) and in awe that God chose me as the mother to these amazing little miracle girls,” she wrote. “I also still think it’s crazy we have had a reality TV show.”

OutDaughtered premieres Tuesday, June 11 at 9/8c on TLC.

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