When Does the New Season of ‘Counting On’ Premiere?

The Duggars are coming back to TV. The next generation of Duggars is returning to TLC for another season of their show Counting On, and they’re getting ready for some big changes in their lives. This season, viewers can expect a wedding, a romantic honeymoon, and of course, a new baby.

Counting On premieres February 11

Counting On premieres on TLC on Monday, February 11 at 9/8c with the episode “Love Is in the Air.” The season will consist of seven hour-long episodes.

What can fans expect from this season? Well, as Duggar watchers know, Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo welcomed their first child this summer. On the show, viewers will get to witness her decision to induce labor and have her baby in a hospital (an unusual choice for a Duggar, since they usually prefer to have their babies at home).  After they welcome baby Felicity, the couple must learn how to navigate being new parents.

Josiah and Lauren, who married on last season of Counting On, head off on their honeymoon to Austria, a destination they chose because of their love of The Sound of Music. We’ll get to see them having fun in Vienna and struggling to pronounce German words.

Finally, those who love Duggar weddings will be thrilled with this new season, which will feature John David’s aviation-themed proposal to Abbie Grace Burnett, who says she’s “completed shocked” when he gets down on one knee. After setting a date, the couple then have to figure out how to plan an event for 1,000 guests. Fortunately, they have some help in the form of sister Jana and family friend Laura.

One family member has a big announcement

The teaser for the new season also promises a big announcement from another family member. Some people think that the news could be that oldest Duggar daughter is courting.

While most Duggar girls marry relatively young, Jana Duggar is still single at 29. Many fans have wondered why she hasn’t married and started a family of her own. And when she got an Instagram account in early January, some took it as a sign that she’d finally found a guy to settle down with. After all, the Duggars typically don’t start using social media until they are courting.

While her sister Jessa insists that Jana is not in a relationship, not everyone is convinced. Some fans believe she’s really about to marry family friend Lawson Bates. And the teaser definitely plays up the idea that Jana could be the one with a big announcement to make.

However, other people think the trailer is a red herring, and that the real news has nothing to do with a courtship for Jana. Her sister Jessa recently announced that she’s pregnant with baby No. 3, so that could be the event that has everyone looking so surprised. Fans will just have to tune in on Monday to find out what surprises the Duggars have in store.

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