When Does the Next Season of ‘Queer Eye’ Come Out?

Can you believe we’re only a few weeks away from new episodes of Netflix’s Emmy-award winning reality series? This time, the Fab Five are taking their positivity overseas, with a special season to share with fans. When does the next season of Queer Eye come out? Learn more about the original series here.

The next season of ‘Queer Eye’ to premiere on Netflix is ‘Queer Eye: We’re In Japan’

It’s Queer Eye, but with an exciting new twist — the latest episodes of the reality series to premiere on Netflix take place in Japan. In these episodes, entitled Queer Eye: We’re In Japan, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Karamo Brown, and Antoni Porowski explore the culture of this country, while still spreading their message of positivity.

There’s even more Fab Five content headed our way. This year, Netflix announced there would be a fifth season of the reality show premiering within the upcoming months. This next season will take place in “the City of Brotherly Love” — Philadelphia, PA.

'Queer Eye'
‘Queer Eye’ | Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

What is ‘Queer Eye: We’re In Japan’ about?

Although not much is known about the content of this min-series, fans can expect the Fab Five to take their inspirational and uplifting message to heroes overseas. During an interview with Deadline, Fab Five member Antoni Porowski elaborated on the upcoming episodes of Queer Eye.

“The only thing that we are allowed to say about Japan—legally, I’m pretty sure—is that it’s going to be really cute,” Porowski said. “Honestly, going in, I thought it was going to be a real challenge with the language barrier. We had a translator, which definitely made our job as hosts a lot easier, but what was really touching was that there was the lag in which the translator would basically switch from Japanese to English or vice versa, and you could see what we were saying hit our heroes. It had a slightly delayed reaction, but it forced that connection to really hit hard—and again, it was just a testament to the universality of this show, and the message that we try to carry forth in every single episode.”

“We’d long had talked about wanting to do this in other countries and other spaces, but it proved that what we do, we can do it anywhere,” the food and wine expert continued. “Anybody can do it, and we hope that that shows as an example to not only LGBTQ youths, but also our allies, that that message of kindness is something we can all benefit from.”

When does ‘Queer Eye: We’re In Japan’ launch on Netflix?

It feels like ages since we’ve seen a new episode of Netflix’s Emmy-award winning series. Not to worry, though — this special season of Queer Eye premieres in early November. There is no official premiere date for the show’s fifth season, however, we know the Fab Five is currently working in Philadelphia. Maybe there’ll even be an appearance from Gritty, the city’s official mascot. Fans will just have to wait to find out.

Queer Eye: We’re In Japan premieres on Netflix Nov. 1, 2019. Until then, episodes of Netflix’s original series, Queer Eye, are currently available for streaming.