‘When Hope Calls’: A Visitor from Hope Valley Arrives in Friday’s Episode of the ‘When Calls the Heart’ Spinoff

Hearties, if you haven’t been watching Hallmark’s new streaming-only series When Hope Calls, you’re definitely going to want to tune in to Friday’s episode. That’s because a special guest from Hope Valley will be paying a visit to Brookfield as the town attempts to hunt down a fugitive train robber.

A fugitive is on the loose

In the September 20 episode of When Hope Calls, a mysterious prospector named Sam arrived in town. Lillian (Morgan Kohan) decides to trust the stranger, despite the warnings of Gabriel (Ryan-James Hatanaka).

In the upcoming episode, a train robber is spotted near Brookfield. When Lillian when she learns that the train robber’s description is similar to Sam’s, she starts to wonder if her previous sympathy for the man was misplaced. 

Meanwhile, Lillian and her sister Grace (Jocelyn Hudon) are doing everything they can to keep their orphans safe as the town rallies to find the criminal. Chuck (Greg Hovanessian) is sticking close to the orphanage to protect everyone, which also gives him a chance to spend more time with Grace. 

Nathan Grant helps out in Brookfield 

Nathan Grant standing by a horse
Kevin McGarry in When Hope Calls | ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

Mountie Gabriel is focused on finding the fugitive, and he gets some help from a familiar face. Constable Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) arrives from Hope Valley to assists with the investigation. In a preview for the episode, we see him quizzing Lillian on Sam’s appearance and whereabouts. That suggests he definitely thinks the strange prospector could be the man they’re after.  

As the Mounties search for the robber, Tess (Wendy Crewson) interviews candidates for a new foreman. However, she’s holding out hope that Chuck will eventually decide to run the family ranch. Meanwhile, Maggie (Hanneke Talbot) makes an interesting discovery at the infirmary.

Nathan Grant isn’t the first ‘When Calls the Heart’ character to appear on the show 

When Hope Calls is a spinoff of When Calls the Heart, with an all-new setting and fresh characters. But residents of Hope Valley occasionally visit Brookfield. In the show’s second episode, Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and Lee Coulter (Kavan Smith) showed up with lumber to help the town rebuild after a devastating fire. And Lillian and Grace were actually introduced in last year’s When Calls the Heart Christmas special.

The connections between the two shows look like they’ll continue through the rest of this season. McGarry will appear in two more episodes before the show wraps up on October 25.

Fans are loving the chance to see some Hope Valley residents in the new show, especially since When Calls the Heart likely won’t return to TV until 2020. 

“So happy to see my Mountie Nathan,” commented one on Instagram when Hallmark announced McGarry’s guest appearance. 

“Love the new familiar face he is adorable love the show,” wrote another.

When Hope Calls “The Search” is streaming on Hallmark Movies Now from September 27. 

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