‘When Hope Calls’ Stars Talk About What Hearties Can Expect from New Hallmark Series

When Hope Calls, the first original series from Hallmark Movies Now, premieres August 30. To get fans excited for the upcoming show, stars Jocelyn Hudon and Morgan Kohan sat down for a Facebook Live chat with Hallmark, where they talked about what they’re most excited for fans to see in the new series and shared some insights about their characters. 

Looking forward to ‘When Hope Calls’

Hudon and Kohan can’t wait for Hearties to see When Hope Calls. They’re excited for fans to have a chance to dive into the world of Brookfield, the small frontier town where Grace (Hudon) and Lillian (Kohan) have set up an orphanage. 

“The town, the horses, our love interests, the kids,” Hudon said when describing all the things she’s looking forward to people see in the new show. 

“The kids are the cutest little things ever,” Kohan chimed in. 

To bring Brookfield to life, crews spent three months constructing an entire town. The end result was impressive, the actresses shared — down to the real jars of jam in the general store.

“The first day we saw the set was the first day of filming,” Kohan said. “It’s incredible. You feel absolutely transported back to that time.”

Period costumes also add a feeling of authenticity. 

“The costumes are beautiful,” Hudon said. “It really helps us get into character.” 

Telling Grace and Lillian’s story

(L-R) Jocelyn Hudon and Morgan Kohan in When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing | ©2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

While When Hope Calls is a new story, Hudon and Kohan’s characters won’t be totally unfamiliar to Hearties. Grace and Lillian were actually introduced in last year’s When Calls the Heart Christmas special. Now, the spin-off series offers a chance to tell a different story in “a new world and [with] new characters,” Hudon said. (That said, fans can expect a few cameos from some of their favorite When Call the Heart actors, including mountie Nathan Grant, on the new show.) 

“It’s been great doing The Greatest Christmas Blessing and getting such a clear view of their tone and the warmth and the heart that is in there. We wanted to bring that into our own show but flesh out our own characters and see more of who these women are,” Kohan added. 

Fans can also expect When Hope Calls to explore the dynamic between Grace and Lillian. Though the two are sisters, they were raised apart, and they have very different personalities. 

Hudon describes her character as optimistic. “Grace has had a rough life but she’s still very happy and seizes every opportunity she can. She’s very positive,” the actress explained. 

Kohan says her character is protective. “She’s extremely protective of Grace, of her kids, all the children in her care and the family, and the life that they’ve built,” she said. “It’s her No. 1 priority and she won’t let anything get in the way.” 

When Hope Calls premieres August 30 on Hallmark Movies Now, the Hallmark Channel’s streaming service. 

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