When Is ‘American Idol’ on TV?

American Idol, which returned Sunday, March 3, kicked off its 17th season with Ryan Seacrest returning to host and Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie once again back in the judges’ chairs.

American Idol judges
‘American Idol’ Judges (Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan) | Getty Images

As for when you can expect to watch American Idol, it will be on ABC every Sunday at 8/7C, so tune in this week for episode two. According to ABC, the show will also be on every Monday at 8/7C for five consecutive weeks starting March 18. If one night of Idol isn’t enough, you will be able to watch aspiring stars take to the stage twice a week…at least for a little while.

Though American Idol has been around since 2002, the show made a few adjustments to its standard formula this time around. Though still scouting the nation for the next great singer, the show now features an in-house mentor.

Bobby Bones: ‘American Idol’ mentor

Bobby Bones, an American radio personality and comedian, will take on a mentorship role this season. According to ABC, Bobby Bones “will offer his industry expertise throughout the competition, helping contenders reach the next level of their artistry and performances.”

Though Bobby Bones is not a singer, he is a widely accomplished best-selling author and industry professional. Best known for the nationally syndicated “Bobby Jones Show,” he also starred on Dancing With The Stars. On the last season of Idol, he joined the final 24. This time, he will be present to offer his assistance and advice from the get-go.

Does ‘American Idol’ stand a chance?

American Idol, once one of the most watched shows on Fox, has transitioned to ABC. However, despite a network change and the addition of Bobby Bones, not much else is very different.

Idol, in its final few years (before returning in 2017) started seeing major drops in ratings and viewership. The show was pailing in competition to NBC’s The Voice and American’s Got Talent.

As Ryan Seacrest closed the show – not a dry eye in the house – viewers thought it would be gone for good. However, in the age of revivals and reboots, it’s no surprise that Seacrest is gracing our TV screens yet again as the host of American Idol.

Given that show is likely banking on nostalgia and curiosity for viewership, it would be surprising to see the show last more than a couple of seasons. Nothing is new. There is no added appeal that was amiss the first time around. If you’re going to reboot a show, take a risk; make a change. Viewers will not settle for complacency, or will they?

American Idol was a major hit because it was a groundbreaking and original idea when first conceived; now, it just falls behind competing shows that offer more originality in terms of competition structure and approach.

According to The New York Times, President of ABC Entertainment Channing Dungey stated, “American Idol is a pop culture staple that left the air too soon…ABC is the right home to reignite the fan base.” Though Dungey is hopeful, many would agree that American Idol was a pop culture staple, that, bowing out before embarrassment, left before it was too late.

With one season (since the original finale) under its belt and the second one just starting, fans and skeptics will have to wait and see whether or not American Idol can make a comeback.

With Katy Perry in one of the judges’ chairs, the show may continue to snag a handful of extra viewers, as the singer boasts an impressive and devout fan following; however, no one will ever be Paula, Simon, and Randy.