When is ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Season 9 Returning to UpTV?

Bringing Up Bates Season 8 ended on April 11, 2019, but a lot has happened in the supersized family since then. Carlin Bates said “I do” in May, and Trace Bates seems to have found a special lady friend. Several babies have been announced, and moves have been made. Ever since the family left the airwaves, fans have been curious about whether they’ll get to watch some more firsts from the beloved family. The answer appears to be yes.

Has Bringing Up Bates been renewed for Season 9?

Bringing Up Bates has officially been renewed for a 9th season. The Bates family will be bringing fans along for more family firsts. There will be marriages, babies born and brand new chapters in the lives of the Bateses. Over the three months since the last season ended, a couple impending births have been announced, and at least one of the Bates’ family members has gotten married.

Potential courtships are also afoot, with Trace making things Instagram official with a mysterious young lady. Michael Bates has also headed home to Tennessee after spending the last several years in Chicago. The eldest Bates daughter is planning to attend nursing school.

Fans can expect the season to center around all of the significant changes within the family, and some of the things that never change – like the unusual, intense and sometimes hilarious dynamics between the family members.

Who is the Bates family?

The Bates family is an ultra-conservative Christian family based out of Tennessee. Patriarch Gil Bates, along with his wife Kelly Jo, are successfully guiding their supersized family through all of life’s trials and tribulations.

Originally introduced to the public as friends of the Duggar family, the Bateses have managed to carve out their own slice of reality TV stardom. The family’s humble beginnings have given way to a great deal of success. Fans have been along for the entire ride. The Bateses have long been considered the cooler, more down-to-earth version of the Duggars, and no skeletons have fallen out of their closet just yet.

When will it premiere?

The Bates family has shown up on UpTV consistently each year since 2015, and while some years offered up two seasons, insiders suggest fans will need to wait until the winter of 2020 to enjoy more antics from the Tennessee-based giant family. Season 8 of the show premiered in January 2019 and ran weekly for precisely four months.

It is possible that a summer premier could be on the horizon, but UpTV hasn’t announced an official premiere date, nor have they dropped a trailer. It’s far more likely, considering these facts, that fans will need to wait until January or February to hear more from the family.