When Is Jacob Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Getting Married?

They may not be the most dramatic or exciting family on reality TV, but there’s no doubt the Roloffs are wholesome, fun, and entertaining to watch. Their legacy began with Matt and Amy Roloff, a famous little couple who showed the world how they can raise four kids and take care of their family farm on Little People, Big World. While fans remember when the Roloffs were all living under one roof, a lot has changed over the years. Matt and Amy have since divorced, and all of the Roloff kids we remember as children are growing up, moving out, and getting married.

Jacob Roloff, the youngest and most outspoken of the family, is now happily engaged to the love of his life, Isabel Rock. When will they tie the knot, and will fans get to witness it? Here’s what we know.

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock got engaged at the end of 2017

We know Jacob Roloff best for being the artsy liberal family member — so it makes perfect sense that his beautiful fiancée, Isabel Rock, would be similar. In Touch Weekly notes not a ton is known regarding how the two met, but it’s assumed they connected through their chosen art. Jacob has written several books and has a very popular blog where he shares his thoughts, and Isabel is deeply invested in visual art. They also both seem to love to travel, as their Instagram accounts frequently feature each other in nature locations or on the road.

As for their engagement, this appeared to be no typical affair, either. As Jacob noted on his Instagram at the beginning of 2018, “…we got ENGAGED! It happened in Iceland on the frozen pond, Tjörnin, late on Christmas. So much love for this beautiful soul @izzysofia_ . Here’s to many more Christmas’, you n me.”

The two are marrying on Sept. 7, 2019

The two seem to be involved in quite a long engagement, as they aren’t getting married until Sept. 7, 2019. As for how we know the date, People reports Isabel noted on her Instagram that their wedding date was a year from this vulnerable post she added on Sept. 7, 2018, where she details the challenges she was going through at the time. “This has been a really challenging season of life for me, and for us, and we have been in ‘transition’ for what feels like an eternity. I know it is all part of our journey, and I am trying to honor that while also manage my anxiety,” she captioned the photo.

As for what was bringing her stress, she added that wedding planning was part of it, as was finding a permanent home to call their own, returning to school, and managing her artistic endeavors. But she also noted the sweetness of being engaged. “Focusing on the present moment and recognizing that being engaged only exists for a short time, and soon enough—ONE YEAR FROM TODAY—we will finally be married and it will be the best day of our lives,” she wrote.

Will fans get to watch the wedding on TV? Probably not

Fans love a Roloff wedding, as they’ve historically taken place on the adorable and iconic altar on Roloff Farms. Not only that, but we’ve also gotten to see behind-the-scenes footage of Jeremy, Zach, and Molly’s weddings. So, will we get to see Jacob’s wedding as well? It seems it’s unlikely he’ll have his special event televised for public consumption.

Fans know Jacob left the Little People, Big World cast years ago, and he’s made it clear in the past that he has no intention of ever making a return to TV. As he wrote on this Instagram post back in 2016, “I get comments on here all the time about how people ‘miss me on the show’ or telling me I should ‘do a few more episodes’ with the family; I’m posting this to say that that will never happen.” He went on to add that the show created caricatures out of his family members and portrayed them in a way that he didn’t approve of. For that reason, he no longer wanted any part of it — and he’s stuck to his guns since then.

Unfortunately, his absence now also likely means we’ll never see him on the show in the future, even for his wedding day. But we’re hoping for plenty of updates from the other Roloffs on Instagram to see the big event.

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