When Is the New Season of ‘Counting On’ and What Can We Expect?

Everyone’s favorite gigantic family is coming back for Season 9 — and fans can’t wait to see what the Duggars are up to next. We remember how it all started with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar back with TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. Through the years, we watched the youngest Duggar babies grow into kids and the teens grow into adults with families of their own. And thanks to Counting Onwe’ve been able to keep up with many of our favorite Duggar siblings as they navigate adulthood.

We’re all excited for Season 9 to begin — and we’re also curious as to what we can expect to see. Here’s what fans have surmised.

Season 9 of Counting On premieres Feb. 11

It turns out fans of Counting On won’t have to wait much longer before they’ll get their Duggar fix once again. According to People, TLC just announced that the show will be back starting on Feb. 11. The season will be seven episodes long and begin airing that evening at 9/8c — and we’re already getting clues as to what we can expect.

TLC just posted a teaser trailer for fans, and it looks like it will pick right up where the Duggars left off at the end of the last season. The last footage we got was of Josiah Duggar walking down the aisle with Lauren — so fans are excited to see how that has progressed. Not only that, but fans are looking forward to hearing about Jessa’s current pregnancy that was just recently announced. The trailer also teases that Jana may have a big surprise of her own. Seeing as there’s been speculation of a courtship for the oldest Duggar daughter most recently, we’d love to know what she’s planning on sharing.

We’ll hear more about Jinger Duggar, her husband, and baby Felicity

Children are central to the Duggars, and many of the daughters in the family have stated before that they’re looking forward to having as many kids as God will allow them to carry. From the trailer, it appears we’ll get more intimate details of Jinger’s experience giving birth to baby Felicity. She had Felicity 6 months ago, so it does seem like the show is retelling some events true fans are already well aware of. Even so, we’re all looking forward to knowing more about her experience, especially because it’s been speculated that she may be pregnant again currently.

In the sneak peak, we see Jinger in the hospital speaking about her experience. “I thought an epidural would probably be best because I was so at the end of anything I could do — I had no energy or strength to continue on,” she mentioned. While we know it all turns out OK in the end, we’ll finally get more details.

Fans will get a glimpse of more weddings and Duggar honeymoon bliss, too

Aside from baby details, there are also wedding details Duggar fans can’t wait to hear more about. People explains we’ll get to see John-David Duggar propose to Abbie Burnett on camera, and we’ll also get all the details about how they pulled their 1,000-guest wedding off. While the wedding already happened last November, fans are still eager to get all of the details they may have missed (including their first kiss). We might even get details regarding their honeymoon.

Speaking of honeymoons, the trailer also reminds us that Josiah and Lauren Duggar headed to Austria for some post-nuptial bliss. It appeared they had a bit of a language barrier while in the foreign country, but we can’t wait to get a closer look at what the newlyweds were up to.

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