When Peter Weber Wore Makeup During ‘The Bachelor’ And Why He Insisted On Stubble

Peter Weber sported a clean face on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. It added to his boyish charm.

Now that Weber’s found himself in the lead role, he’s sporting a bit of facial hair. And it looks good.

Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Entertainment Tonight recently interviewed The Bachelor makeup artist Gina Modica. Modica’s been working to make leads look their camera-ready best for 19 years. She said working with Weber was “really easy.”

Why Peter Weber wanted stubble

There’s actually a reason behind Weber’s slight facial hair.

I’m pretty sure it was his idea. He doesn’t get to have a beard when he’s flying, so I think this was just a great opportunity for him to have a different look while he wasn’t working,” Modica told ET.

The makeup artist is a fan.

“I love the look! As far as maintaining it, he did it himself, so it was really easy. I would just let them know every once in a while if he needed to clean it up or if I thought it was getting a little too long,” she said.

When Peter Weber wore makeup on ‘The Bachelor’

According to Modica, “Bachelors don’t wear a lot of makeup at all.” But they do sometimes.

“Mostly just on rose ceremonies, photo shoots and promos [but] rarely ever on dates. On Peter’s season, he never had makeup on dates,” she said.

ET asked the makeup artist if Weber requested to not wear makeup on dates.

“Yes. Unless there’s a reason, none of the Bachelors do makeup for the dates. It’s just easier for the guys. They’re not used to wearing make up all the time.”

But that doesn’t mean bachelors don’t have to keep their skin looking nice.

“For the guys, I think the more important thing is that they have a good skin care routine and they wear their sunscreen and moisturizer every day. The only time they will wear make up is when I’m there to maintain the look, so before for rose ceremonies, photo shoots or if there’s some kind of special date,” she said.

‘The Bachelor’ contestants do their own makeup

While the show leads get hair, makeup, and wardrobe, the contestants are on their own. Modica does say that she does the makeup for the women on the first night, though, to help “establish their look.”

“With the exception of the first night where I’m able to bring in hair and makeup for the girls or guys to establish their look for the night, I never have to worry about the contestants’ glam. I think they do a good job on themselves during the season,” she said.  

Modica also revealed that she hasn’t been doing the makeup of The Bachelor finalists for the past few seasons. They’ve been doing their own.

“I haven’t had to do the girls’ makeup for The Bachelor finales for the past few seasons. I will always go over makeup with them, but whether they take my advice or not is up to them,” she said.

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