When You Can See ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ With Your MoviePass Card

Seeing the most popular wide-release film at any given time with your MoviePass card is not impossible, but it has become quite a hassle, as the service now forces you to see certain movies on specific days. So when can you see the #1 movie at the box office right now, Crazy Rich Asians, with your MoviePass card?

As outlined on MoviePass’ website, there are only two days on the current schedule during which you can see Crazy Rich Asians. The first is Tuesday, August 21st, and the second is Thursday, August 23rd. It will not be available today, nor will it be available on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

MoviePass has not released any information beyond Sunday, August 26th. It’s unclear what days Crazy Rich Asians will be available after that, but it may not be available after Sunday at all. On the schedule, most of the wide-release films that are available this week are fairly recent. The oldest is The Meg, which opened 10 days ago. Films like Ant-Man and the Wasp and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are no longer available.

In terms of other wide releases, your only options for this week other than Crazy Rich Asians are The Meg and Mile 22The Meg is available on Monday and Wednesday, and Mile 22 is available on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, but don’t expect to see those films on any other days.

For now, the plan appears to be to offer subscribers six movies at any given time, with two of those being wide-release films and four being limited-releases. The limited-release movies don’t appear to change day-to-day; until Sunday, the offering continues to include The Miseducation of Cameron PostWe the AnimalsSkate KitchenJuliet, Naked, and Summer of 84.

On Friday, those limited-release films will still all be available, but two new wide-releases will be: Alpha and The Happytime Murders. However, on Saturday, Alpha and The Happytime Murders will be replaced by Searching and AXL, which is a bit confusing considering Searching is a limited release is taking the place of one of the wide-release films.

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians | Warner Bros.

With this bizarre schedule and fairly limited selection, especially for subscribers who don’t have any indie theaters near them, MoviePass has certainly become a far less enticing deal, and that’s not even taking into account the fact that subscribers can now only see three movies each month.

Still, MoviePass has at least implemented a few changes to keep things more stable than they were a few weeks ago, such as letting subscribers know in advance what movies will be available. But what hasn’t changed is the showtimes at an individual theater randomly disappearing later in the day; although the publication of the schedules in advance is intended to help subscribers plan their trip to the movies, the disappearing showtimes makes that more challenging.

MoviePass subscribers who have not yet jumped ship are hoping that the service becomes more reliable by September 15th, at which point every monthly subscriber will have migrated over to the new three-moves-a-month plan.