When were Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger a Couple?

Superstar Bradley Cooper has dated many high profile women over the years, including Zoe Saldana, Suki Waterhouse, and most recently, model Irina Shayk, according to PopSugar. He and Shayk just ended their 4-year relationship last month, and rumors continue to swirl that there is some major chemistry going on with A Star is Born co-star Lady Gaga. With Cooper’s love life a consistent source of tabloid press, some may remember the actor was once in a serious relationship with Oscar-winning actress Renee Zellweger.

Bradley Cooper | Steve Granitz/WireImage

 Met on set

The two met while filming Case 39, a thriller about a social worker who saves a 10-year-old girl being abused by her parents, only to find out that the girl is not as innocent as she had assumed, according to IMDb. Zellweger played the social worker, Cooper portrayed a psychologist in the movie.

The film was panned by critics, but eventually resulted in a relationship for Cooper and Zellweger. Though the movie was released in 2010, most was filmed in 2006. The couple didn’t start dating until 2009, as reported by the New York Daily News.

Kept their relationship under wraps

The couple was very hush-hush about their romance. Most of the reports were from speculation when the two were seen together in various locations including New York, Los Angeles, Utah, and Vancouver, the New York Daily News reported.

Apparently during the holidays in 2009, things took a turn toward serious in their relationship, where Zellweger spent the yuletide season with Cooper’s family. According to People, Zellweger skipped the January 2011 Golden Globes ceremony to be by Cooper’s side when his father passed away. She was reportedly also close with Cooper’s mother Gloria.

People reported that Zellweger had moved in with Cooper in 2010, sharing his $4.7 million Pacific Palisades home. While the couple remained low-key about their romance, they would sometimes speak affectionately of each other.  “I can’t say enough about her,” Cooper told People when he was promoting Case 39. “I just love her. I [loved] coming to work. I love acting with her. I can learn so much from her.”

Renee Zellweger | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Zellweger sometimes gave praise to Cooper as well. “[Bradley]’s a great, great actor,” she told People. “I just got so excited, not believing that I was going to go to work with him.”

Ended it after two years

Rumors of discord started when the two were spotted separately at pre-Oscar party in February 2011, and then reports came out that the couple had officially split after approximately two years of dating, as noted by the New York Daily News.

Cooper has remained in the spotlight over the last decade, with several high-profile films and Oscar nominations. Zellweger, on the other hand, took a break from Hollywood for about six years, realizing that putting her career above everything else took a toll.

“I think I was just taking inventory of my life,” Zellweger recently told People. “Everything was about going from one professional obligation to the next. And that’s what I call them now, when they should have been exciting opportunities, creative opportunities or life adventures.”

She also realized she missed having someone to share her life with. After a brief marriage to country singer Kenny Chesney in 2005 and her relationship with Cooper, Zellweger felt she wanted more stability. “When you have nothing to go home to, no one to celebrate these things with, it’s time to maybe reassess and figure out what you’re not doing right,” she told People about her personal life and why she took a professional break. “I had made so many promises to myself about things that I wanted to explore, things I wanted to try, and how I would like to grow as a person that I had made no time for. And I thought, ‘That’s enough.’”

It looks like Zellweger’s time off was well spent. She has been dating musician Doyle Bramhall since 2012, and she’s filmed five films since returning to acting in 2016, including the upcoming biopic where she portrays the legendary Judy Garland.

Though Cooper and Zellweger did not end up together in the long run, they are both individually pursuing what matters to them most.