When Will ‘Big Mouth’ Season 4 Be on Netflix?

Big Mouth enthusiasts will be happy to know another season is coming. It’s a show that has surprisingly grown its fan base and in popularity.

Viewers enjoy the off-color nature and are begging for more. Some may be wondering when they can expect the fourth installment on Netflix.

While there have been a few announcements, there are a few details still left unknown. The popular animated series is in for a comeback, but when?

What is ‘Big Mouth’ all about?

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For those who haven’t tuned in yet to this adult animated comedy about teens fumbling through puberty, you’re missing a true gem in hilarity. This isn’t your typical, family-friendly animation family of characters.

Created by real-life buddies Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, this show explores the awkward and disgusting side of teenage boys. Despite its profane nature and routine display of bodily fluids, audiences are finding it hysterically accurate and satisfying.

It’s edgy and boundary-pushing – everything adults want in an animated comedy made for adults.

Are there new cast members for season four?

There haven’t been any official announcements just yet from Netflix regarding cast return, exit, or new additions. However, there isn’t any indication that any changes are expected within the current roster.

So, it’s a fair assumption fans will enjoy the return of their favorite core character voices. Show regulars, including Jason Mantzoukas, Maya Rudolph, and Jordan Peele, should continue making their routine voice appearances. Those surprise celebrity voices will continue to get invites as well.

Rumors of a spin-off is in the works

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Some sources cite evidence of a spin-off series in the works. The success of Big Mouth is branching out to include a more workplace world of monsters, called Human Resources.

The streaming service announced they plan to explore this branching out for the animated comedy. Based on the teaser from New York Comic-Con, with monsters under a banner that reads, “Human Resources: We manage People,” fans can’t wait.

With this highly anticipated spin-off, reviewers are trying to speculate if there will be character crossovers. Monster characters like Hormone Monsters and The Shame Wizard are expected to venture from their dimension and report to the ‘puberty division’ under the guise of workplace human resources departments.

There isn’t confirmation yet, but this new venture will explore the lives of these puberty-driven monsters apart from their current entanglement with the Big Mouth characters.

When fans can expect a fourth season of ‘Big Mouth’

Fans cans expect a fourth, fifth, and sixth season actually, based on Netflix’s announcement early in 2019. They made the announcement about the renewal after the fourth season had already been recorded, according to an Esquire interview with Jason Mantzoukas.

Jason went on to say just how good season four is. Netflix struck a production deal with Brutus Pink, the production company founded by the brilliant creators behind Big Mouth.

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Season four should be available for binge-watching in September 2020. Although considering Netflix released a Valentine’s Day special last year, there might be room for a seasonal episode or special before next Fall.

Fans embracing the rude, crude, and socially unacceptable

As animation continues to venture into adult territory, audiences everywhere are embracing the raunchy nature. As for Big Mouth, this successful tale of boys figuring out their bodily changes will continue to amuse fans through 2022.

It’s hard to say how well the Human Resources branch-out series will be accepted, but if it’s anything like its Big Mouth predecessor, it is sure to be just as hilarious. Reviews and critics are raving about it, too.

Stay tuned for a season four launch later in September. But, as previously mentioned, there may be a Big Mouth special between now and then too. If you’re new to the Netflix comedy, take time to catch up now on the first three seasons. You won’t be disappointed, especially if an adult animated comedy is your thing.