When Will ‘Fuller House’ Season 5 Premiere On Netflix?

Based on Netflix’s recent quarterly report, they seem content in knowing they’ll be able to compete equally with Disney and Apple later this fall. Part of this is their attention to quality original programming, some of which includes an irresistible genre: Nostalgia.

The suits at Netflix understood there was a strong contingent of people wanting classic shows to revive in some form. While shows older than 40 years old couldn’t realistically be done, late ’80s/early ’90s shows like Full House could.

Fuller House managed to stick around and regain the old audience that grew up with Full House. Now everyone waits for a fifth season as the show deals with the weight of Lori Loughlin’s scandal.

With Loughlin fired from the show, would ‘Fuller House’ be the same?

To prove how influential Full House/Fuller House has been, every time Lori Loughlin is mentioned, the public automatically calls her Aunt Becky. Any fan of the original show knows Loughlin became a star from playing Rebecca Donaldson. The producers managed to bring her back for the revival, only because she was one of the essential elements to making the show work.

Others might argue the show was more about the dynamics between the kids and the male leads (John Stamos/Bob Saget/Dave Coulier). While the latter are only just sideline characters now in Fuller House, the producers wisely kept the same style of comedy as the original show, including using a live studio audience guffawing away.

Most critics found the idea of having a grown D.J. Tanner (Fuller) raising kids after being widowed a trite concept. You can argue the only reason the show has had four seasons is because of a loyal fan base who find comfort in ’90s TV. Now with Loughlin fired due to the massive college admissions scandal, the arguments are ensuing whether Fuller House would really matter anymore.

‘Fuller House’ will definitely be back for a fifth but final season

Before we get ahead of ourselves in thinking Fuller House is doomed, reports have recently come out it’ll have a fifth and final season next fall. The intention is to wrap up the show and focus on the plot elements of the main, younger actors involved in the series.

If you’ve paid attention this last season, it had original character Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) getting engaged to Jimmy Gibbler, the brother of Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber). Kimmy also became a surrogate to Stephanie and Jimmy in having a baby.

Plots like these and interactions with newer kids in the cast are why it continued to endure with those looking for simpler, heartwarming family shows on streaming.

Many could argue not having Loughlin there won’t matter too much because she didn’t factor too heavily in the plot of the grown girls from the original series.

Will the Olsen Twins make a cameo before the show officially ends?

It’s worth pondering whether the Olsen Twins could have made Fuller House even more popular than it was. Far too many people on social media still find it perplexing Fuller House had five seasons when better written shows like the One Day at a Time revival were canceled after only three seasons. As usual, it often comes down to the star quality over the writing.

Reports are the producers and stars of Fuller House have tried to convince the Olsen Twins to join the show since the beginning to no avail. Considering the twins became billionaires as teenagers, it’s not hard to see why they decided to back out. At the same time, you’d think they’d want to pay homage to the show that made them so wealthy.

Once Fuller House ends next year, it’s going to be remembered for either being one of the biggest blights in revival television or completely misunderstood. Plus, it’ll likely be looked at as a show that could have been different had the Olsens joined and a certain college admissions scandal didn’t exist.