When Will Joe Giudice Be Released From Prison

Juicy Joe Giudice is ready to head home from prison. The husband of reality star Teresa Giudice reported to prison in 2016, and now over three years later he is going to gain his freedom. While both Teresa and Joe were convicted of crimes pertaining to fraud, Joe’s much stiffer sentence was delayed to ensure the couple’s four children would not be negatively impacted. The ordeal is almost over, though!

Teresa Giudice began her prison term in January 2015 in Connecticut, according to The Los Angeles Times. Originally slated to serve 15-months, Teresa was released after 11-months in prison. She returned home in time to spend the holidays with her family before Joe Giudice began his prison stint in March 2016.

When does Joe Giudice get released from prison?

Giudice, who was originally sentenced to 41-months in prison could be released soon. The prison stint stems from Giudice’s conviction for bankruptcy, wire and mail fraud. Originally slated for an August 2019 release, Giudice had five months shaved off his sentence. He is now being released from an Allentown, Pennsylvania correctional facility in March 2019.

He began serving his time in New Jersey in 2016 but was transferred to Pennsylvania in 2017. Teresa Giudice previously served 11-months for the same charges. While the couple’s sentences were staggered to ensure their children would always have a parent available, the time apart seems to have taken a toll on the couple.

Both Teresa and Joe have been the target of cheating allegations. Joe Giudice was linked to several women both before and during Teresa’s prison stint. Teresa has recently been connected to a personal trainer, and now a real estate businessman.

Will Joe be deported when he leaves prison?

According to court documents, Giudice is eligible for deportation to Italy upon his release from prison. The government has the right to deport immigrants who are convicted of crimes of “moral turpitude”, according to People.

Giudice traveled to the United States with his parents when he was just a baby. They arrived in New Jersey and had several more children. While Giudice’s siblings are United States citizens via birth right, Joe Giudice never went through the process of becoming a citizen.

Giudice’s parents, however, did become United States citizens. The applied for citizenship after Joe turned 21. if they had become citizens prior to Joe’s 21st birthday he would have become automatically eligible for citizenship. He never got around to becoming a citizen, himself.

Will Teresa move to Italy?

In November Teresa spoke with Bravo and admitted that while the deportation ruling was heartbreaking, she wouldn’t be against moving to Italy. While Giudice seemed interested in standing by her man in November, things might be a bit different now.

Recently Giudice was spotted out and about with a 26-year-old. The younger man, identified as Blake Schreck, is in the real estate business, according to In Touch. The rumored couple was recently photographed holding hands and getting cozy in Miami.

Giudice’s lawyer attempted to squash the rumors, claiming the pair are nothing more than friends. He went on to insist the pair were out in a large group, and the photos are misleading. Whether Teresa has a new beau or not, many fans are wondering what will happen when Joe finally leaves the confines of a prison cell.

Further complicating a move are the couple’s four children. Gia, 17 is preparing to head off to college. The 17-year-old has four college acceptance letters in hand, according to Bravo. Joe and Teresa are also parents to Gabriella, 14, Milania, 11 and Audriana, 9. Whether or not the kids would willingly move to Italy is not known.