When Will Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Fix Their Relationship?

Kylie Jenner has had a very eventful few years. The busy young billionaire became a mom in February 2018, after a whirlwind romance with boyfriend Travis Scott. Then in February 2019, Jenner was blindsided when her best friend, Jordyn Woods, betrayed the family by having an affair with Tristan Thompson, the father of Khloe Kardashian’s baby daughter.

Amidst the fallout of the cheating scandal, Jenner has been dealing with rumors that Travis Scott might have been less than faithful to her. While fans wait and wonder, let’s recap what we know so far about Jenner and Scott’s relationship.

When did Jenner and Scott get together?

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Kylie Jenner first met up and coming rapper Travis Scott at Coachella music festival in early 2017. Soon after meeting, the two were inseparable. At the time, Jenner had just broken up with her longtime boyfriend Tyga, and some fans suspected that her fling with Scott might just be for show, in order to make Tyga jealous. That was proven false, as Jenner and Scott were spotted together multiple times over the next few months, everywhere from Scott’s birthday party to the front row of basketball games. 

In late summer of that same year, rumors started swirling that Jenner was pregnant. The makeup mogul, who has a noted preference for form-fitting clothing, started appearing in public less and less, and when she was spotted, it was always in loose, baggy clothing, which seemed designed to hide her figure. Neither Jenner or Scott would confirm anything, but the rumors were validated in February 2018, when Jenner gave birth to a baby girl named Stormi Webster. Both parents gushed on social media about how beautiful the baby was, and from all appearances, the new family couldn’t be happier.

How did the cheating rumors start?

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Although Kylie Jenner undoubtedly has a team of nurses and support staff to help her care for baby Stormi, it seems as though both Jenner and Scott are truly in love with their baby girl. For months, all was right with Jenner and her boyfriend, and they posted loving snapshots of each other frequently on social media.

However, following the Jordyn Woods incident in the spring of 2019, Jenner’s suspicions seemed to have heightened. In March, the rumor mill started churning with reports that Scott, currently on the road with his record-breaking tour, had been unfaithful to Kylie Jenner. Scott and Jenner didn’t speak out about the rumors, but there certainly seemed to be something to it – following the report, Scott canceled a show on his tour to fly home and reportedly talk things over with Jenner.

Even more reports emerged, saying that Jenner had found suspect messages from female fans on Scott’s Instagram. 

Will their relationship last?

Regardless of how much truth is in the cheating rumors, it doesn’t seem as though Scott and Jenner will have much chance to really buckle down and work on their relationship for a while. Scott is still actively touring, and won’t be through with that until June. Jenner recently made headlines for her record-breaking business accomplishments as the CEO of her company, Kylie Cosmetics. 

On top of it all, Jenner and Scott are young. Kylie Jenner is only 21 years old, and though she has grown up in the public eye, she still has her whole life ahead of her. Scott is 27, a few years older than Jenner, but still quite young to commit to a relationship for life. Although the two have frequently proclaimed how serious they are about each other, some fans wonder if Stormi Webster’s parents are truly meant to be. 

Regardless of whether or not they are able to work through their current issues and remain together, it seems certain that Jenner and Scott are both devoted to their daughter, and to giving her the best life possible, regardless of their relationship status.