When Will Ryan Murphy’s ‘The Prom’ Premiere on Netflix?

Ryan Murphy’s movie musical adaptation of Broadway’s The Prom is one of the creator’s most highly-anticipated upcoming Netflix projects. The movie will trace the same narrative as the Broadway show, featuring a couple of Broadway narcissists in need of a little good publicity. They decide to target a lesbian high school student in Indiana — blocked from going to her prom — for their reputation-building initiative. The twist: they find their hearts along the way. 

The Prom Broadway Cast
The cast of the Broadway musical ‘The Prom’ perform on February 11, 2019 | Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

The Prom is part of Ryan Murphy’s 5-year deal with Netflix, in which 10 films are set to premiere on the streaming platform (with the potential for more). Yet, when is The Prom coming, and what do we know about the production? 

‘The Prom’ was set to premiere in the fall of 2020 

As What’sOnNetfix notes, The Prom was initially slated to hit Netflix in the fall of 2020, which would be merely a few months away. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in the plans. While the film will likely be delayed, the extent to which production will suffer is unknown. 

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According to IMDb, the film is in post-production, yet some reports indicate that not all of the scenes have been shot. And, if the actors have to return to finish up filming, the delay could be greater than expected. However, here’s to hoping the film still makes it to Netflix close to the intended September deadline.

As Ryan Murphy explained to The Hollywood Reporter, the film was slated to release right before the next presidential election, which was no coincidence. Ryan Murphy wanted to use the film to “change hearts, minds, and votes.” 

Who will star in Ryan Murphy’s ‘The Prom?’

Ryan Murphy has lined up a star-studded cast for his upcoming movie musical. He will ask Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Kerry Washington, Andrew Rannels, and more to bring their singing and dancing skills! 

Meryl Streep – who is quite comfortable singing for the silver screen – will portray Dee Dee Allen. Allen is in need of a little reality check and could benefit from focusing on other people a bit more. She sings several of the show’s most vital, as well as its most humorous, numbers. 

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James Corden will take on the show’s leading man, Barry Glickman, who also gets his fair share of fun in the spotlight. Nicole Kidman will get to sing a saucy and playful number titled “Zazz,” while Kerry Washington will play a mother struggling to come to terms with her daughter’s sexuality. 

Keegan-Michael Key will portray Dee Dee Allen’s romantic interest, as well as the local public school’s principal. In short, as long as Ryan Murphy’s vision stays true to the Broadway play while making needed adjustments for the screen, the movie musical should be a triumph.