When Will ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Season 3 Return?

Hungry for more Santa Clarita Diet? Season 1 and 2 left viewers hanging on the edge of their seats. Sheila (Drew Barrymore) is a zombie with a sweet side, Joel (Timothy Olyphant) is not, but the all-American couple just makes it work.

Season 2 left viewers wondering: what will happen with Sheila and Joel Hammond. At this point, the couple has taken a stand about which “bad people” Sheila will feast on, but also have to ponder the notion of possibly spending eternity together. Of course, that means Joel will need to “transform.”

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So how did the Hammonds get to this point? And when will viewers get to sink their teeth into more?

A quick recap of season 1

Although Netflix provides wonderful binge-worthy opportunities, series can lag between seasons. Which means viewers probably need a serious recap before diving into a new season.

Season 1 of The Santa Clarita Diet found the Hammonds going about their day as real estate agents. While showing a house, Sheila becomes violently ill, so ill she vomits all over a room. Although she tries to get medical help, her daughter Abby’s friend Eric helps them to draw the conclusion that somehow Sheila is dead. And now a zombie.

This sets up a series of human snacks, with a few being Sheila’s obnoxious co-worker Gary and terrible neighbor, Dan. Meanwhile, the family tries to come to terms with having a wife and mother as a full-time zombie.

Season 2 gets even wackier

The season kicks off with Joel under psychiatric observation. While under psychiatric care, he spills his guts to his roommate who is completely dellusional. Meanwhile, Gary is still alive and is basically reduced to a talking (and pretty funny) head.

Sheila is literally falling apart and the couple is determined to find out why. Abby and Eric have their own scientific experiment using Serbian bile. They think they may have a potion that could stabilize Sheila’s zombie-like state. And while Eric and Abby are successful, Sheila needs to feast. So they decide to only eat bad people–like Nazis.

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At the same time the couple narrows down the source of the virus–clams from a local restaurant, Japopo’s. They believe something incidious is going on with those clams. The couple seeks to find others who may have eaten the clams and also destroy the harvest.

What can we expect from season 3?

Thankfully, viewers will get a season 3 from the Hammonds. Netflix uploaded a decent trailer that shows the couple are still up to their same tricks. “I want to be more about than just eating people,” Sheila tells Joel. “But I also really enjoy eating people.”

They are also faced with the stark truth that Sheila will live forever. Joel, on the other hand is still human. Not wanting to face mortality, Sheila proposes that Joel should let her bite him. And they can spend eternity together.

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While Joel says he wants to spend eternity with Sheila. But he’s still not sure he’s ready to become a zombie either. Fans won’t have to wait much longer. The Santa Clarita Diet season 3 is ready for streaming on Netflix on March 29.

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