When Will Season 4 of ‘Riverdale’ Premiere?

Every Riverdale fan can finally rejoice because Season 4 of the hit CW series is making its return a lot sooner than we thought. 

With Season 3 leaving many of us with A LOT of questions, this new season is set to have even more dramatic twist and turns. 

The cast of Riverdale sit around a booth
Riverdale | The CW

As the teens of Riverdale start to get ready for their senior year as well as try to survive yet another villain that is out to get them, we can’t wait to see what new surprises await these characters in Season 4.

The new season is premiere this fall

Even though we just concluded Riverdale’s third season, the fourth season already has its premiere date. 

The new season is set to air on The CW on Wednesday, October 9 at 8 PM EST.

This means that the show will be returning to its normal time slot, which is very exciting news for fans. 

This season is set to feature a ton of exciting, mysterious, and sad moments and fans are anxiously awaiting to see their favorite group of friends take on another villain trying to reign terror on the town of pep. 

Though Season 4 is still in production, producers already know how they plan on honoring the late Luke Perry who played Fred Andrews on the show. 

Luke Perry as Fred Andrews in Riverdale
Luke Perry as Fred Andrews in Riverdale | The CW

The actor sadly passed away back in March and to honor his memory, Riverdale plans on dedicated a special episode to him. 

Back in June, Riverdale’s creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, revealed on his Instagram that the premiere episode of Season 4 will pay tribute to Perry. 

“Probably the most important episode of #Riverdale we’ll do this year, if not ever. A tribute to our fallen friend. Thankful for this opportunity to honor Luke & Fred,” Aguirre-Sacasa posted along with a photo of the episode’s script. 

This season has a lot in store for fans

Many of us already know that Season 3 left us with a ton of unanswered questions. 

Though we hope that the new season will answer most of them, there are still some things many of us are a little iffy about. 

One of the main questions fans have is who will be returning for the new season. 

By the looks of the Season 3 finale, we can easily guess Hal Cooper is not coming back, although fans still think he could have faked his own death.

Though some characters are still questionable when it comes to them returning for Season 4, one of the characters who was recently introduced is definitely hanging around for the new season. 

Alice and FP’s long lost son, Charles, made his debut in the Season 3 finale and it has already been confirmed that he will be a recurring character in Season 4. 

Since it has already been revealed that Charles is an FBI agent who is looking into Edgar Evernever and The Farm, we can easily guess that his job is far from finished in the town of Riverdale. 

So as you can tell, the new season of Riverdale is set to be a doozy and we can’t wait to see what will unfold this time around.