When Will the New Jonas Brothers Album Drop?

The Jonas Brothers were on a hot streak years ago only to split up. Now they’re back with new music after working out their problems. When will their new album drop? Here is everything you need to know.

The Jonas Brothers previously broke up

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers
Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner Sports

The brothers went their separate ways after releasing their album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times in 2009. They then shockingly went their separate ways.

I was seeing a therapist and I wasn’t on speaking terms with my brothers,” Joe Jonas revealed in a Reddit AMA. “When it happened, we were focusing on going on another tour and we had plans to hit the road and do what we had been doing for a while.”

Joe Jonas then revealed what happened when his little brother broke the news. “Nick brought it to the table that he wanted to focus on different things, like acting and doing music on his own. At first, it was really shocking to me because it was kind of all I had known was the Jonas Brothers, forever. So, I was pretty mad and confused because, I was like, I’ve been putting so much time and effort into this for so long and now I just have to stop and figure out what’s next.”

They went to therapy before reuniting

The brothers were brought back together by working on a documentary together. They revealed that they went to therapy to resolve their problems.

“We literally spent a year basically doing therapy, working through some things, and figuring out what this chapter would look like,” Nick Jonas said on The Late Show with James Corden. “We’ve had to be really open and honest. There are things in the past that bothered us from time to time, even in our performances that we would do.”

They have released two songs, but it’s time to find out when their new album will drop.

Happiness Begins will drop on June 7

The Twitter account for the Jonas Brothers announced the cover art for the new album along with the name and date. Happiness Begins will be released on June 7.

It looks like it’ll be perfect for the summer since the brothers are hanging out next to a pool. The look matches what was previously seen in their music videos for “Cool” and “Sucker.”

Kevin Jonas tweeted about the news and revealed the importance of the number 7 to them. “#HappinessBegins June 7th. After 7 years of not working together & finding ourselves we’re back to give you our journey in album form. Out of all the albums we’ve done I’m most proud of this one. Wish you could have it now, but you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer,” he tweeted.

Nick Jonas also tweeted, ” So excited to share that our new album #HappinessBegins will be out June 7th!”

It looks like this summer will be filled with new Jonas Brothers music. Fans will have to wait to hear what else the brothers have in store.

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