When Will the Next Season of ‘Babylon Berlin’ Air on Netflix?

Fans of gritty crime dramas got quite a treat when the German-language series Babylon Berlin debuted on Netflix last year. The heady, noir-ish show transported viewers to the last years of the Weimar Republic, just before Adolf Hitler rose to power.

German actress Liv Lisa Fries of Babylon Berlin attends the premiere of the film ‘1929 – Das Jahr Babylon’ at Delphi Filmpalast on September 25, 2018, in Berlin, Germany. | Isa Foltin/Getty Images

The first two eight-episode seasons cost $45 million to produce, more than any other non-English-language show ever. Producers took a big gamble that people would be captivated by the story of drug-addicted detective Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch) and his secretary-slash-co-investigator Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries), who uncover a complex web of conspiracy and murder in the Berlin underworld.

That bet paid off, with the show attracting record numbers of viewers in Germany and earning critical praise abroad. Now, fans are wondering if we’ll ever get to see another season of the show.

Babylon Berlin Season 3 is currently filming

First, the good news. Filming for Season 3 of Babylon Berlin is currently underway. (Somewhat confusingly, Netflix combined the first two seasons into a single one for U.S. audiences.) But don’t expect new episodes anytime in the immediate future.

Production on the upcoming season of the show isn’t set to wrap until May 2019, according to the Hollywood Reporter. New episodes won’t air until late this year. And there’s no word yet on whether those new episodes will show up on Netflix so that American audience can watch them. 

What to expect from the next season

While the 10 new episodes of Babylon Berlin won’t arrive for several more months, we do have an idea of what to expect from them. The season will be based on The Silent Death, the second book in the Volker Kutscher’s Gereon Rath series of novels.

The new season will take place in the early 1930s, Deadline reported, and the burgeoning German film industry will play a big role. Rath will confront the dark side of the movie business when a star is found dead. Ritter will also be back for the new season.

Some of the new season will be shot at the historic Badelsberg Studio, one of the oldest film studios in the world.

“We’re continuing with the plot lines of the first two seasons — the personal and the political,” co-director and co-writer Tom Tykwer told the Hollywood Reporter. “But to be able to take this story to Babelsberg at this pivotal time, at the transition between silent film and sound, is very important for me. Personally, it’s the most interesting, and challenging, aspect of the new season.”

Tykwer has said he’d like to eventually adapt Kutscher’s entire series of novels for the screen, which means the story would run from 1929 to 1936.

“I’d been looking for something set in that period – it’s an un-filmed period in comparison to what came afterwards, the Run Lola Run director told Screen Daily.

“I’m fascinated by these years, which are so different from what came before and after,” he added.

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