Where Are the Best Places to See the Royal Family in Person?

You probably think that your chances of seeing a member of the royal family in person are slim to none, however, you could check out a few spots they frequent to up your chances of running into them.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to spot one or a few of them in person. Here’s where you could see them if you ever plan on taking a trip across the pond.

The royal family

The royal family | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Whole Foods across from Kensington Palace

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have revealed in the past that they like to do their own grocery shopping and it’s no secret that the health-conscious duchess is a fan of Whole Foods.

In fact, when Markle first started dating Harry she loved heading over to the one located right across the street from Kensington Palace. It was at that Whole Foods that an eagle-eyed reporter recognized her bundled up in a padded jacket and Wellington boots and snapped several pictures of her leaving the supermarket before entering the palace, which confirmed their relationship.

Waitrose supermarkets

Want to see Kate Middleton shopping for her groceries? Well then look no further than a Waitrose supermarket.

In April 2018, people noticed the Duchess of Cambridge walking through the aisles of a Waitrose store in Norfolk, England. She was later photographed loading up her Range Rover with everything she bought neatly packed in reusable bags.

That wasn’t the first time Middleton has been spotted picking up her own groceries either as she was previously seen shopping at the Waitrose in Anglesey as well.

The Rubens at the Palace

Given its proximity to Buckingham Palace eating at The Rubens Hotel is as close as most of us will get to actually dining with the queen herself.

The historic hotel is located right across the street from Queen Elizabeth II’s full-time residence and offers a variety of restaurants where who knows who you’ll see sipping afternoon tea and enjoying something from the pastry kitchen. The cake offered there is said to be a favorite of Prince William and Prince Harry.

King’s Road and Sloane Square

King’s Road and Sloane Square is a shopping district located in Chelsea that’s filled with high-end boutiques and it’s also a place frequented by Markle and Pippa Middleton. Plus, the fact that there is a Trotters children store there makes it a spot where the Duchess of Cambridge can go to grab gifts for her three children.

KX Private Members Health Club

Prince Harry already holds a membership to this gym, spa, and restaurant so we’re guessing his bride is now a member as well. That’s why it’s is a great spot to royal watch.

Not a member? Not to worry. Despite its name, the KX Private Members Health Club is open to non-members as well. So yes, you too can enjoy a day at the club and possibly run into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex while you’re there.

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