Where are the ‘Teen Mom 3’ Stars Now?

MTV’s 16 and Pregnant has produced a wide array of pseudo-celebrities, ranging from teen mom superheroes like Maci Bookout to teen mom train wrecks, like Janelle Evans. While the third installment of Teen Mom never made it past the first season, fans are still curious about what happened to the four moms featured on the show. We have the answers.

Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie McKee, who was just 17 when she gave birth to her first son, Gannon, seemed significantly younger emotionally when she appeared on 16 and Pregnant then Teen Mom 3. During the short-lived spinoff, cameras followed McKee as she battled with her ambivalent baby daddy and pawned her son off on her parents.

McKee suffers from type 1 diabetes, and the illness was often blamed for her outbursts and temper tantrums. Since Teen Mom 3 was canceled, McKee has gone on to have two more children, Jaxie and Broncs. She married the father of her children, Josh McKee in 2013.

McKee recently found herself in the news after an online rant led to significant backlash from fans. McKee wrote about a day out with her kids, in which she documented the death of a ferret, a noodle throwing contest in a Japanese steakhouse and a merchandise-ruining trip to Sephora.

McKee responded by threatening suicide and led to a plethora of media reports. McKee’s mother, who was diagnosed with brain cancer last year, took to social media to defend Mackenzie, once again blaming her unstable blood sugar for the threats, according to US Magazine.

McKee doesn’t appear to have matured much since her time on Teen Mom 3. She still lives in Miami, Ohio, and while her relationship with Josh remains rocky, they are still married.

Alexandria Sekella

Alex Sekella was best known for her dramatics on 16 and Pregnant then again on Teen Mom 3. The teen mom had good reason to be dramatic. When viewers were first introduced to her during her pregnancy, her mother wanted her out of the house if she didn’t give up her baby for adoption, and her drug-addled boyfriend wasn’t particularly interested in taking part in Arabella’s life, either.

By Teen Mom 3 her mother had come around and accepted Alex and the baby into her home. Eventually, fresh off a rehab stint, boyfriend Matt joined the family. Keeping Arabella safe, keeping Matt in check and bringing home cash from McDonald’s left Sekella with a full plate.

A lot has changed since fans last caught up with Alex. Last year the former star got engaged to long-time beau Tim Peters, and she’s happily pursuing the quiet life, according to E!. In rare glimpses into her life, it appears that Sekella has completely mended bridges with her mother and is living her very best life. She is happily out of the spotlight and plans to stay there.

Katie Yeager

Katie and boyfriend Joey Maes had a strange and co-dependent relationship when they appeared on 16 and Pregnant, and that didn’t get any better on Teen Mom 3, while Katie struggled to keep things together, Joey seemed far more interested in the life of a teen than the life of a father. Since wrapping up Teen Mom 3, Yeager has very much moved on from the situation.

In 2016 the star announced she was expecting her second child with her boyfriend of over a year, according to US Magazine. She has kept the relationship out of the spotlight. When quizzed about why she doesn’t share pictures of her second child on social media, Yeager noted that the child’s father feels strongly about keeping their child off social media.

By all accounts, Yeager is in a happy and healthy relationship. She currently resides in Utah. As for Joey, he’s gone on to father three more children since the pair appeared on 16 and Pregnant. According to Yeager, Joey has no contact with their daughter Molli, now 7.

Briana DeJesus

Briana is the easiest Teen Mom 3 alum to track, as she’s now appearing in Teen Mom 2.  When Briana first appeared on 16 and Pregnant, she was dealing with Devoin Austin, the father of her child who called the relationship quits when he found out Briana was pregnant. Sister Brittany also found out she was pregnant at the same time but decided that abortion was the best route for her.

Since then DeJesus has gone on to have a second child and score a role on Teen Mom 2.  While it would be nice to offer an in-depth update on Briana, not much has changed. The mother of 2 spent much of her time moaning about the difficulty of parenthood while holding down the couch in Teen Mom 3, and she continues to do so now that she’s filming for Teen Mom 2.

Briana has been in a relationship since September 2018. John, her boyfriend, lives in New York while Briana remains in Florida, but they seem to be making things work, according to In Touch.