Where Can You Watch ‘Star Wars’ Movies Online?

If you’ve been searching around for a place to stream Star Wars movies, they’re starting to diminish like a fading R2D2 hologram projector. The arrival of Disney Plus in November is obviously to blame where it’ll become the exclusive home to stream every Star Wars movie made to date, including new thematic shows.

Five months may not seem like a long wait in today’s terms. Even so, some of you may have pangs to watch a Star Wars movie this summer rather than wait to see them all in one place.

While places like Hulu have removed the films, it’s still possible to see some or most of the movies on other streaming services.

Chewbacca from Star Wars | Jun Sato/WireImage

What about Netflix?

It’s an affirmative being able to watch Star Wars movies on Netflix, at least until November. Keep in mind most of these are only available on DVD to rent through Netflix, and only a few you can stream.

The original trilogy is exclusively available for DVD/Blu-Ray rental on Netflix right now. Undoubtedly, this is going to stay the same until Disney Plus goes live. This isn’t to say the films maybe won’t stay available on DVD from Netflix if you prefer to clean the dust out of your Blu-Ray player.

As for the ones you can stream, it’s only The Last Jedi, plus the two standalone films Solo and Rogue One. For younger Star Wars fans, these are obviously the big favorites right now.

One thing you’ve probably noticed is the prequels are nowhere to be found on Netflix streaming either. They’re still available to rent on DVD, but we wonder if they’ll have renewed fascination when streaming on Disney Plus thanks to current political parallels.

What about Amazon?

You can’t stream any Star Wars movies on Amazon, though they do offer all nine films produced to date as digital downloads. We can still call this streaming per se, except you’re paying a one-time fee to watch on your mobile device.

Keep in mind you also need to be an Amazon Prime member to download the films. Prices still range from $15 to $20 per film, some of which include the bonus content you’d find on the DVD’s. They even have the animated Clone Wars series available for purchase.

For many, this is the most logical way to watch any Star Wars product on a phone or tablet. Other places like YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes allow you to just purchase many of the films digitally.

If you don’t want to spend that much to buy them to stream, then renting online is a cheaper option.

Which places offer the films for rent?

All the places mentioned in the above section offer most of the Star Wars films for digital rent. We figure if you’re short on cash, this is the best option for this summer/fall until Disney Plus offers the entire cake.

Most rental prices are around $4 to $6, giving you a chance to get your fix of the galaxy far, far away and prepare yourself for The Rise of Skywalker this December.

Any of you who spend most of your time watching videos on YouTube can even find some of the Star Wars films available for rent there. A bonus is they offer the Rebels series for rent, something impossible to find elsewhere.

Will Disney+ spoil ‘Star Wars’ fans?

Let’s stop and consider with Disney Plus offering all Star Wars movies and related content to watch whenever we want for only $6.99 per month, they’re essentially creating a utopia for streaming. Maybe it’s offering too much at a good price, hence spoiling all the fans by taking all the films for granted.

While it sounds enticing now, we almost have to expect Disney will hike their streaming price over time when they realize they’re oversaturating us to a point where nobody will want to watch anything else.

Netflix and other streaming platforms may flinch at any statement like this becoming a fact.