Where Do Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Go to Get Away From Hollywood?

The relationship of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth has had numerous ups and downs as many have tracked over the last nine years. Now that the two are officially married, life likely won’t be easy in the limelight. Considering how much of a power couple they are, the paparazzi will undoubtedly be following them everywhere.

Thankfully, the couple were smart enough to find various sanctuaries away from the bustle of Hollywood. Where do Cyrus and Hemsworth typically go to escape the craziness?

A New Year’s retreat

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eyes match my lips, bag match my fit

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One of the most recent places the two went to was a ski resort in Montana during New Year’s week. People.com reported on this, and Cyrus even posted various selfies at the resort on her Instagram account.

Their visit here wasn’t just them alone, though. They were joined by Hemsworth’s brothers, Luke and Chris. So you can’t call this a honeymoon, even though the newlyweds have a honeymoon planned later in January.

What’s interesting about this ski retreat was neither appeared to own it. Despite Cyrus reportedly having a $160 million fortune (which far outweighs her husband’s), they apparently decided to rent time at this resort rather than go to a personally owned property.

As always, though, Cyrus showed her wild side by flipping off the camera in front of the resort fireplace (with a 2019 banner behind her).

The couple have been known to vacation in Costa Rica

Remember back to 2013 when we all thought Cyrus and Hemsworth were about to be married? We all know how quickly this temporarily fell apart. Just before it happened, the two vacationed in Costa Rica, a place many celebrities often go to escape the showbiz life.

It’s not hard to see why considering the stunning scenery, plus plentiful adventurous activities.

At the time, Cyrus tweeted how important “taking care of one’s body is, yet so easily forgotten.” With her motto of “healthiness is happiness”, she no doubt still adheres to this six years later as seen in those photos at the Montana ski resort.

Will the couple ultimately go back to Costa Rica for a honeymoon?

They may choose Hemsworth’s native Australia instead

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are sitting together and smiling.

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After making so many movies here in America, it’s easy to forget that Hemsworth is a native Australian. During their engagement last year, the couple were seen spending time in Byron Bay, Australia.

Resembling Malibu, this popular Aussie beach may be another place we’ll see Cyrus and Hemsworth spend time in. When you consider Cyrus just went through the trauma of losing her home in the horrific Malibu fires, no doubt this Aussie beach provides solace.

Perhaps we’ll see them own a home in Australia later to escape to when Hollywood becomes a burden.

The connection to Nashville

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This is probably our one – millionth kiss ….

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Last year at Christmastime, Cyrus and Hemsworth spent their time in Nashville. The Cyrus family still own a home there, so Miley clearly wants to go back occasionally to link up with her roots.

The Hemsworths seem to have a lot of favorite places to travel to in coming years. With recent shots on Instagram showing them kissing and looking very happy, we can only hope their marriage will last longer than most others in their age group.

We’ll hopefully see Cyrus be able to rebuild in Malibu as well, which is still a beautiful beach retreat from the bustle of nearby Hollywood. Both may have to find a new escape, though, to fully dodge the paparazzi as we clamor to see where they go for their honeymoon and beyond.

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