Where Does Drogon Take Daenerys in ‘Game of Thrones’ Series Finale?

The unresolved plot points during the Game of Thrones series finale have practically divided the nation as much as political parties do. While the debates will likely go on about what happens to the characters, the speculation will possibly spawn a renaissance in fan fiction. Or, it could even lead to a reboot/continuation of the series if HBO has their way.

One major mystery is what happens to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) when Jon Snow (Kit Harington) kills her. Fans watched as her last remaining dragon, Drogon, mourns her death and whisks her away from King’s Landing to points unknown.

Yes, we’re all awaiting the “Dany is alive” fan fiction, but can we discern what happened to her in canon based on clues in the finale?

Where would a dragon go?

Jon Snow on Game of Thrones
Drogon on Game of Thrones | HBO

A unique aspect to Game of Thrones is it managed to make dragons almost like human beings. For the first time, we were able to become emotionally attached to creatures like Drogon based on more advanced CGI technology, plus more detailed writing. You could even argue they overshadowed most movies that still try hard to give heart to CGI characters.

As a result, it gave Drogon complexity, including figuring out what he was thinking when he discovered Dany dead at Jon’s hand. Drogon destroying the Iron Throne by fire rather than killing Jon was one of the deepest motives/actions ever done by a CGI character, next to Lord of the Rings.

Giving this kind of intelligence to a dragon makes it all the more interesting on what he might have done when transporting Dany’s body. Plus, fans watched as Drogon grieved the loss of its mother.

Theories are already popping up on where Drogon went, including King Bran being the only one who likely knows beyond George R.R. Martin.

Where did Drogon go?


According to a council meeting we saw at the very end of Game of Thrones, Drogon was seen flying east, which already offers some intel. Some fan theories suggest Drogon likely took Dany to where Khal Drago (Jason Momoa) was killed in season 1. This would be in Lhazar, located in Essos. And, yes, that’s definitely east of Westeros.

To escape all the madness, Lhazar would be the most logical place considering it’s one of the few places considered peaceful from all other turmoil. What we don’t know is what Drogon would do with Dany’s body and if Drogon would stay in Lhazar for the rest of his life.

Theories abound about King Bran knowing, though not immediately sharing any info with survivors during the final moments of the show. We’ve recently postulated the idea that Game of Thrones could reboot or even continue where it left off someday. Drogon might be the first CGI character to end up being seen again to unravel his fate.

What would the new Westeros leadership do with Drogon if he’s found?


Since we know King Bran is supposedly omniscient, what he knows about possibly capturing Drogon is anyone’s guess. No doubt fan fiction fans will be writing plenty of stories about what happens to him, what he does with Dany, and even if latter somehow manages to stay alive.

Some fans on social media are already wishing Kinvara the Red Priestess in Essos will run across Dany’s body and end up bringing her back to life.

With Bran now controlling things, he could end up like the official Westeros version of the FBI or CIA and track down Drogon. Considering dragons are considered like humans there, it could lead to some kind of punishment or war crime tribunal.

How such a scenario would play out could either be ridiculous or fascinating. Due to the divide between the books and the HBO series, King Bran may know more than George R.R. Martin ever will.