Where Does Meghan Markle Buy Her Maternity Clothes?

Meghan Markle has been in the news nearly every day since her high-profile wedding to Prince Harry. And now, she has a baby bump that’s made her glow even more. But as Meghan’s bump gets bigger, she’s begun wearing maternity clothes, which leaves one burning question: Where does Meghan get her maternity clothes?

Meghan Markle British Fashion Awards
Meghan Markle British Fashion Awards | E! News via Instagram

Meghan and Harry are expecting their baby this spring

As soon as Meghan and Harry announced their engagement, the media began talking about when the couple would have a child. Sources close to the royal family said Harry and Meghan didn’t want to wait long to have children. And the two made it clear that they wanted to start a family. The couple wed in May, and by July, Meghan was pregnant. They announced it to the public in October, and since then, everyone’s had an eye on Meghan’s belly. But with a baby on the way, she’s had to make some changes to her typical wardrobe.

Meghan has been seen in high-end fashion since she and Harry began dating

Fashion has always been something Meghan loves; she previously ran a lifestyle blog before marrying into the royal family. And when she and Harry tied the knot, her taste in clothes got even nicer — and more expensive. Meghan has grown a love for Givenchy; she wore a Givenchy gown to her wedding and was spotted in an $18,000 Givenchy dress on her first formal outing with the queen. She also presented an award at the British Fashion Awards to Claire Waight Keller of Givenchy, who designed her wedding dress.

She’s been able to get away with wearing regular clothes for much of her pregnancy

The time at which a woman begins wearing maternity clothes differs for every person. Some feel like they want to begin wearing maternity pants at less than 10 weeks, while others can get away with it until as late as 20 weeks. It all depends on how your body reacts to the pregnancy. Meghan has been able to stay in good shape since becoming pregnant. With the exception of her bump, she’s hardly put on any weight anywhere else, which means she was likely been able to stay in her regular clothes much longer than some people. But she’s due in the spring (most likely in April, since the pregnancy was announced in October), which means she’s more than halfway through her pregnancy at this point — and she has some high-fashion maternity clothes to show for it.

She’s been spotted wearing maternity clothes from Club Monaco, Hatch, and Brock Collection

Meghan’s maternity fashion is just as poised as one could expect. On her visit to Smart Works, a new patronage for the Duchess, she wore a maternity dress from Hatch. The dress was quite affordable, retailing at only $218. She’s also been spotted wearing Club Monaco maternity — she stepped out in a Club Monaco dress when she visited the Hubb Community Kitchen in London. Meghan wore a tight-fitted floral dress by Brock Collection when she went on a charity visit. She’s also worn London-based designer Safiyaa’s clothes, of which she is known to be a fan. She likely has stylists bring the clothes in for her, then picks out what she wants to wear to which event. But leave it up to Meghan to always look stunning in her maternity clothes.

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