Where is Jenelle Evans’ Pitbull, Jax?

Everyone on the internet seems to agree that Jenelle Evans and David Eason should not be owning pets. The couple, however, has added two new dogs to their troubled family over the weekend. The couple announced the addition of Buddy and Junior, a pair of Anatolian Shepards to their family. The dogs have been brought into the fold to protect livestock the family is keeping. Fans did notice, however, that Jax, the Pitbull the family previously owned was no longer mentioned. Jax has apparently been rehomed.

Jenelle and David claim Jax has been given to a friend

Evans and Eason introduced the world to their two newest pets in a YouTube video uploaded to Eason’s account on July 14. Eason disabled comments to the video but explained in the description that Jax had been sent away.

Jax, allegedly, is now living with a family friend. Eason and Evans have stopped short of revealing who the dog was placed with. Evans never went into Jax’s background in detail, but if she adopted the dog from a shelter, it’s likely she signed a contract to return the dog to the shelter if anything went awry. If she purchased the pup from a breeder instead, the mother of three would likely to be free to do as she pleased with the dog.

It is unlikely that Evans and Eason headed to a shelter for their newest additions, though. The Anatolian Shepard dogs they’ve added to their pack are not a particularly common breed. Puppies, according to Certa Pet, can cost between $800 and $1600. The new additions are considered a specialist breed and are not intended for the beginner dog owner.

Why did the family get rid of Jax?

Fans may remember that Evans had regularly mentioned that Jax wasn’t exactly good with the chickens the family brought onto the property. Evans had owned Jax while she was involved with Nathan Griffith, so the dog has been a part of the family for some time.

When Evans and Eason added chickens and pigs to their family farm, Jax seemingly didn’t understand they were there for a purpose. The former reality TV star received backlash when she admitted Jax had killed several of the chickens on the property. More recently, the couple alleged Jax had also attacked one of the pigs they added to the land. The 80lb pig was allegedly maimed by the dog.

The attack on the pig appears to have been the last straw. The dog was rehomed shortly afterward. Neither Evans nor Eason have commented on exactly when the incident occurred. Evans, in the wake of her custody battle, posted several videos to YouTube that showed off her little farm. Jax and Nugget were both featured in the videos at different points.

Did David and Jenelle celebrate the closing of his animal cruelty case with a new dog?

The timing of the new pets seems suspect to some fans. Last week, the Columbus County Sherriff’s Department, announced that they would not be pursuing animal cruelty charges against Eason. The troubled father of three was being investigated for the reported death of a 12lb French bulldog in late April.

The department noted that they had closed the case because no evidence existed to link Eason to the dog’s death. In fact, the department noted they could not prove the dog was killed, at all. No blood evidence was found on the property, but the French bulldog named Nugget remains missing.