Where Is ‘Lenox Hill’ Filmed? The Netflix Docuseries Takes You Inside a Major City Hospital

Lenox Hill is the latest docuseries to hit Netflix. Through eight one-hour episodes, it follows a team of doctors who strive to provide their patients with quality health care, despite the personal and professional challenges they face daily. After getting to dive deep into lives the series real-life doctors and patients, some viewers are wondering where the series was filmed. 

Lenox Hill Netflix Show
‘Lenox Hill’ Dr. Amanda Rich-Little | Netflix

Lenox Hill was filmed in a famous New York City hospital

Just as the name suggests, the Netflix series was filmed in Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. The facility is located on 77th Street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and is designated as Northwell Health’s flagship hospital. According to the hospital website, it has been serving New York residents for 150 years. 

Initially named the German Hospital and Dispensary, the health care facility was built in the late 1800s by German donors. It served as both a hospital and training school for German-American nurses. But in 1918, after the first World War, the institution was renamed Lenox Hill. 

In 2010, Northwell Health bought Lenox Hill Hospital and turned it into a 450-bed facility that offers all kinds of medical services, including maternal care and cardiovascular treatments. The Netflix series wrapped filming in New York City in late 2019, a few months before the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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What is the Netflix series about?

Like a real-life version of New Amsterdam or The Good Doctor, Netflix’s Lenox Hill follows a group of doctors through their daily professional routines. Rather than focus on the negative aspects of the health care system, the series highlights the dedication and compassion driving these doctors and nurses.

And unlike other medical documentary series — which can hard be hard to watch, especially if you’re squeamish — Lenox Hills focuses more on people than procedures. It explores the personal stories of both the doctors and patients frequenting the hospital, all of whom have agreed to let their information to be shared publicly.

Lenox Hill - Netflix
Lenox Hill | Netflix

Who are the doctors at the center of ‘Lenox Hill’?

Lenox Hill highlights the daily lives of four different doctors working in the Manhattan hospital. The first episode starts out by introducing Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson, a chief resident OBGYN at the hospital, as she delivers a healthy baby for one of her patients.

Dr. David Langer, the head of neurosurgery at the hospital visits with his patients, including one who comes in for a post brain surgery checkup. He is accompanied by Dr. John Boockvar, the vice-chair of the hospital neurosurgery department. 

Lenox Hill Netflix
Lenox Hill – Dr. Mirtha Macri | Netflix

Dr, Mirtha Macri reveals her daily routine as an ER doctor. “To me, the ER is the front line,” she says in the first episode. “We take whoever, whatever…if  you’re uninsured, if you’re insured, if you’re a criminal, anything you are, we put it to the side, and we just treat you.”

With so many doctors and nurses putting their lives at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s nice to finally be able to see some of their heroism highlighted on-screen. Lenox Hill is currently streaming with all eight episodes on Netflix.