Where Is The Cast of ‘Clueless’ Today? The Stars Had A Reunion 24 Years Later

One of the teen films that defined the ‘90s is Clueless. The romantic comedy, which is loosely based the Jane Austen novel Emma, featured many up-and-coming actors who soon became the biggest stars of the time. Here’s what you need to know about where they are now and their recent reunion.

What happened?

At C2E2, a Chicago comic and entertainment convention, in 2019, the film’s stars Donald Faison (Murray Duvall), Breckin Meyer (Travis Birkenstock), Alicia Silverstone (Cher Horowitz), and Paul Rudd (Josh Lucas) got together for a reunion panel that is sure to bring the internet to its knees.

And with good reason. With the film’s 25th anniversary in the not-too-distant future, fans of the ‘90s hit movie are clamoring for anything nostalgia-inducing. The above photo is a nice teaser for what’s to come during the panel, but for now, let’s take a look at what the stars are up to these days.

Alicia Silverstone

The actress stars as the lead character, Cher, a wealthy Beverly Hills teenager who quickly learns there’s more to life than having the most fashionable wardrobe when she becomes something of a matchmaker. After Clueless, Silverstone’s most notable role came when she starred as Batgirl in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin.

Silverstone has continued to act over the years, appearing in films such as Butter and Book Club. However, she has put even more into her health ventures, including her book The Kind Diet and her line of mykind Organics vitamins.  

Paul Rudd

Today, he is a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but before he was Ant-Man, Rudd was a busy working actor just like any other. Clueless, in which he played Cher’s ex-step-brother-turned-love-interest, was his very first film role He followed it up with hits like The Cider House Rules and Wet Hot American Summer.

Rudd’s career really took off in the mid-00s, when he began to appear in Judd Apatow productions like Anchorman and Knocked Up. During this time, he also had an arc on Friends as Phoebe’s eventual husband, Mike. Today, in between appearing in MCU flicks like the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, Rudd has reprised his role as Andy for the Wet Hot American Summer TV seasons on Netflix, as well as lending his voice for various animated roles.

Donald Faison

If you don’t know him as Murray, Dionne’s slightly immature boyfriend, you probably recognize Donald Faison for his starring role in the hit medical comedy series Scrubs. After the movie, Faison reprised his role in the Clueless series, while appearing in films like Can’t Hardly Wait and Remember the Titans.

After Scrubs, Faison went on to star in movies such as Kick-Ass 2 and 2017’s Little Evil. He also starred in the TV Land sitcom The Exes. He’s also still very close friends with his Scrubs co-star, Zach Braff.

Breckin Meyer  

The actor portrayed Travis Birkenstock, a well-meaning stoner who has a thing for Cher’s new friend, Tai (the late Brittany Murphy). Before Clueless, Meyer was a child actor, but the film marked a turning point in his career. Throughout the next decade, Meyer appeared in a few popular comedies, including Road Trip and Rat Race.

But TV is where Meyer really shines. He has voiced numerous character on Robot Chicken, on which he is also a writer and producer. Meyer starred opposite another big ‘90s star, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, on the TNT series Franklin & Bash. At present, Meyer stars on a new ABC legal drama, The Fix.

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