Where Maren Morris is From

Over the last few years, Maren Morris has grown from largely unknown performer to one of country music’s biggest rising stars. Despite being dubbed a country singer, her musical taste skates a pretty wild line between country and pop. She has put out both prosperous country and pop tracks. 

While she’s a household name now, her start in the industry wasn’t easy. In this article, we’ll take a look at the “Girl” singers claim to fame. 

A look at Maren Morris’ early life

Maren Morris
Maren Morris | Harmony Gerber/WireImage

Like many country stars, Morris’ life began in Texas, Arlington Texas to be precise. She got into music at a young age and picked up a guitar at just 12 years old.

Morris immediately began writing and released her first album, Walk On, just three years later.

She went on to put out two more albums, All That It Takes in 2007 and Live Wire in 2011. After graduating from college, the aspiring musician decided to move to “Music City,” Nashville. It was in the Athens of the South that she gained enough recognition to kick off the next step of her career. 

Morris’ career kicked off as a songwriter

Since her music didn’t immediately take off, “The Middle” singer decided to use her skills to write songs for other artists. Morris signed on with Yellow Dog Publishing and ultimately ended up penning some beautiful tracks for well-known country stars like Tim McGraw and American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson.

Playing in bars kept her sharp and streaming on Spotify helped her reach fans all around the world. Thanks to the music streaming service,  Morris caught the eye of several major record labels. It looked like her decade of hard work was finally going to pay off!

Several popular singing shows rejected Morris

The “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry” singer made it a point to try all avenues possible to land a successful singing career. That included applying to as many singing competition shows as possible.

When Morris appeared on Watch What Happens Live After Show, she opened up about the early rejections. A fan was the one who pitched the eye-opening question. 

“How crazy was it that you were rejected by both American Idol and The Voice, but both shows had contestants covering your songs.” – A fan

Andy Cohen had no idea and asked Morris whether or not the allegation was true. When she confirmed it, he was beyond shocked. Not only was the country star turned away from American Idol and The Voice, but America’s Got Talent also turned its back on her. 

Morris went on to say that there were a ton of shows that refused to give her a chance. In hindsight, she’s quite happy with the outcome. Instead of being at the mercy of the record labels attached to those shows, she has much more freedom. In Morris’ own words: “Thank God.”

This song got Morris discovered

Back in 2015, a decade after Morris released her first album, she released an EP titled Maren Morris. The EP racked up over two million hits on Spotify in just a month. Record labels obviously took notice of the blossoming star and rushed to sign her. Later that year she decided to go with Columbia Nashville.

They re-released her EP and selected the song “My Church” to be the lead single. All of this happened in just a few months! By 2016, the song gained popularity and recognition on a national scale.

Now, Morris’ name was out there and she was finally on the road to country stardom.