Here’s Where You Can Stream All of the Jack Ryan Movies

Jack Ryan returns on Amazon this Friday, with John Krasinski being the fifth actor to play the character from Tom Clancy’s novels.

Amazon Prime’s Jack Ryan can be watched completely on its own; it’s not a sequel to any of the movies. At the same time, if the series strikes your interest in checking out some or all of the previous Jack Ryan installments, here’s where you can do so.

The Hunt for Red October – Amazon Prime and Showtime

The Hunt for Red October
The Hunt for Red October | Paramount Pictures

John McTiernan directed the first Jack Ryan film, The Hunt for Red October, based on Clancy’s 1984 novel. Alec Baldwin plays Jack Ryan in this thriller, which also stars Sean Connery, Sam Neill, and James Earl Jones.

Luckily, if you have access to the Jack Ryan TV series, you also have access to this movie, as it’s available for streaming on Amazon Prime. It’s also available to subscribers of Showtime through the Showtime Anytime app.

Patriot Games – Amazon Prime and Hulu

Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan in Patriot Games
Patriot Games | Paramount Pictures

Just two years after The Hunt for Red October was the sequel, Patriot Games. This one is a part of the same series, but it swaps out Alec Baldwin for Harrison Ford. James Earl Jones returns as his character from The Hunt for Red October, and new additions to the cast include Samuel L. Jackson and Sean Bean.

Patriot Games is also available to stream on Amazon Prime, and it’s on Hulu as well.

Clear and Present Danger – Amazon Prime and Hulu

Clear and Present Danger
Clear and Present Danger | Paramount Pictures

Two years after Patriot Games, there was Clear and Present Danger, the only Jack Ryan movie to keep the same actor from the previous one; Harrison Ford reprises the character, and James Earl Jones also returns once again. Willem Dafoe joins the cast as well.

Clear and Present Danger is available to stream on Amazon Prime, and like Patriot Games, it’s available on Hulu as well.

The Sum of All Fears – Showtime

Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck in The Sum Of All Fears
The Sum Of All Fears | Paramount Pictures

The Harrison Ford Jack Ryan series ended with Clear and Present Danger, with the franchise being rebooted in 2002. This time, Ben Affleck took over as Jack Ryan. Morgan Freeman, James Cromwell, and Liev Schreiber also star.

Unfortunately, The Sum of All Fears is not available on Amazon Prime as the first three movies were, nor is it on Hulu, but it is available to watch on Showtime Anytime.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – Rental only

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit | Paramount Pictures

After 2002, the Jack Ryan series was dead for 12 years, being resurrected in 2014 with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Chris Pine took over the lead role in this, the first movie in the series to not be based on a Clancy novel and the first one to put Jack Ryan’s name in the title. Sadly, it was also the worst-reviewed Ryan film yet.

Shadow Recruit is, unfortunately, the only Jack Ryan film that is not available to stream on any major platform, including Amazon Prime. However, you can rent it on Amazon for $3.99.