Where Was Queen Elizabeth Born?

She’s one of the most iconic women in the world and the matriarch of an entire nation. Queen Elizabeth II has led a truly extraordinary life, lived through several wars, and still maintains a busy schedule even at the age of 92.

While many facets of the queen’s life are highly scrutinized, many of the most ardent royal followers don’t know the details about the unique place where she was born.

Where was the queen born?

While many royal fans might assume that the queen was born at Buckingham Palace, her actual birthplace was a bit more modest. Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21st, 1926, at a modest house on 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair, London.

She was born via C-section and was the oldest of two children. As a child, the future queen was nicknamed “Lilibet,” and was very close to her family, especially her grandparents. She and her sister, Margaret, were particular favorites of people around the world, and there were even storybooks and dolls made of the young princesses. 

The queen received extensive education in a wide variety of subjects and was instrumental in the war effort during World War II. She made a radio broadcast when she was only 14 that was aimed at educating and inspiring other children about the war and was widely seen as a morale boost for all British subjects.

When her father passed away in 1952, the throne fell to Elizabeth, and she ascended to the throne at the age of only 25. She started spending the majority of her time in Buckingham Palace, though for the first few years of her reign, she traveled extensively. Buckingham Palace is also the location where she raised her and Prince Philip’s four children.

Is it still standing today?

Sadly, the queen’s birthplace of 17 Bruton Street was bombed during World War II. Although the house itself is no longer standing, there is still a property at that address, though it doesn’t belong to the royal family. Instead of an imposing regal residence, 17 Bruton Street is now home to a trendy Chinese restaurant that has become a favorite in the London restaurant scene. 

The restaurant is called Hakkasan and has multiple locations around the world, including two in London alone. This location opened in 2010 and instantly became a London hotspot, earning the coveted Michelin star. It remains an intimate spot, with seating available for up to 220 guests. The menu is a combination of traditional Chinese dishes with an upscale twist, as well as smaller plates designed to be served with afternoon tea.

Hakkasan is also noted for its extravagant dessert menu, which includes specialties like fresh sorbet and chocolate clay pot treats. According to the website, guests can make reservations or walk in, making it the ideal location for both fine evenings out as well as more relaxed lunches.

Do royal family members visit where the queen was born?

Even though the building now houses a restaurant instead of a museum, there is a plaque on the outside that notes the historical significance of the building. The plaque lists the queen’s birthday and is stamped by the City of Westminster. 

Although the queen has never been spotted at Hakkasan, several other royal family members have eaten there, including Princess Eugenie.

While the royal family doesn’t indulge very often and reportedly prefer to stick to a healthy diet, they do enjoy occasional nights on the town, at various restaurants – so there’s always the chance that they could visit Hakkasan in the near future, and pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth at the same time.