Where Would the ‘Friends’ Characters Be Today? Co-Creator Marta Kauffman Answers

Where the 'Friends' characters would be today
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Friends first premiered 25 years ago and since going off the air fans have wondered what happened to the six main characters. While rumors of a reunion always appear every few years, the show creators always deny the chance of a reunion. Even though there is no Friends reunion in the works, Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman has an idea about what the Friends characters would be doing today.

After ‘Friends’ ended, Joey married and had kids

Out of the six main characters, Joey was the only one who ended the show single. Despite his playboy ways, Joey always had a big heart and some fans were disappointed the character did not end up with anyone. Fans do not have to worry anymore, because according to Kauffman, Joey did eventually settle down.

“Joey, I think, has six kids. I think he’s married and has six kids,” Kauffman said.

Joey was an incredibly sweet uncle to Ross and Rachel’s daughter, Emma. It’s no surprise that once he married he also became a loving father.

Don’t worry, Monica and Chandler are still together

Monica spent all 10 seasons wanting to be a mother, and over the course of the show Chandler worked hard to overcome his commitment issues. Once Monica and Chandler married in Friends, the couple struggled to have a baby. In the last season, the couple decided to adopt.

While Ross and Rachel were the most popular couple in the beginning seasons of Friends, Monica and Chandler won fans over with their mature and stable relationship. Shocking no one, the couple would still be going strong today if the show still aired.

“I think Monica and Chandler are together,” Kauffman said. “They have their twins. They’re doing great.”

Mike and Phoebe either fostered or adopted kids

Phoebe was the most free-spirited character in the main cast. Despite her atypical upbringing, Phoebe still settled down like everybody else. She married Mike, played by Paul Rudd.

“And Phoebe and Mike are still together. Phoebe and Mike are definitely still together,” Kauffman assures fans.

In the season finale, the couple decided they also wanted kids.

“And they have either adopted or fostered children,” Kauffman said.

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‘Friends’ characters Ross and Rachel are still together today

Ross and Rachel make up one of the most famous couples in sitcom history. The two were constantly on-and-off and added drama and humor to the show. Over the seasons, the pair broke up multiple times, got married in Las Vegas, divorced, and had a baby together.

The series ended with Rachel choosing to stay in New York City with Ross instead of taking a new job in Paris. When Rachel showed up at Ross’ apartment, the couple got back together and vowed to stay together for good. So would the couple still be together today?

Kauffman said, “I think Ross and Rachel are still together and, Emma’s in therapy!”

Despite all their ups and downs, Ross and Rachel would still be trying to make it work. While Kauffman did not say if Ross and Rachel needed therapy, she does believe their daughter Emma sees a therapist.