Which Avengers Are Most Like a Superhero in Real Life?

The concept of real superheroes has more truth than you might remember, including those who wear real costumes and do vigilante crime-fighting in the night. There was even a movie made once about these real superheroes who’ve been criticized for not realizing they’re merely human beings who can still get hurt.

Avengers they’re not, but there may be a blurred line between comic book Marvel heroes and the actors who portray them. If you look a little more carefully, you’ll see the original group of actors playing the Avengers in the MCU seemed to turn into their own brand of superheroes.

Was this fiction randomly turning into real-life, or was it all by design? You may automatically think of Robert Downey, Jr. as one of these examples. A few more can officially be added to the list.

Robert Downey, Jr. became a little like Tony Stark

Robert Downey Jr. attends D23 Disney Legends event at Anaheim Convention Center.
Robert Downey Jr. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Call it irony if you want that Downey Jr. decided to perform “aesthetic distance” from Marvel after 11 years while still becoming his own version of Stark Industries. His announcement last summer to work with scientists on creating artificially intelligent nanotechnology to help clean our oceans was a bold move for any actor of modern times.

When Downey Jr. held a press conference about this new tech venture, the Marvel fan base quickly took to social media and proclaimed the actor the real Iron Man. Even though Downey Jr. didn’t invent this technology, he did help bring the idea forward of using these devices to purify our seas. This is close enough where we wonder if Downey Jr. was really a little bit of Tony Stark all along when he first landed the role.

No doubt he had to see the irony there, outside of never mentioning it. Considering this is about reality and saving our planet, Downey Jr. wasn’t about to debase the situation by equating it with his iconic role. His leaving Marvel (at least for now) will help this idea eventually stand on its own rather than look overly meta.

New to the list: Tom Holland as a mediating superhero

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One can argue playing an MCU superhero helps to reinforce your physicality and mental prowess. After all, to keep up the pace of playing Spider-Man, Tom Holland has had to work out intensely and keep himself mentally sharp to maintain the demanding schedule.

During the Disney-Marvel split fiasco, Holland truly proved his worth in the way of mediating after adamantly calling Bob Iger and pleading with him to find a solution. Not that Sony perhaps couldn’t have done something creative with Peter Parker/Spider-Man — and reportedly still will.

However, Holland moved the first Chess piece forward, showing how brave he really is when other actors would perhaps fold. To us, this proves his role as Spider-Man turned him into a real superhero, hopefully not as a makeshift Night Monkey in L.A. during the middle of the night.

Brie Larson seemingly took on superhero strength

Remember last year when a video came out showing Brie Larson pulling a 5,000-pound jeep while training for Captain Marvel? Everyone was floored seeing her doing this and the amount of strength she built up for the role.

Her fortitude is really wanting the role and desiring gender change in the world of superhero movies reinforced her mind to become almost as strong as the real Carol Danvers. If only Larson had Danvers’ full superpowers to change the world. Not that even Captain Marvel has the ability to change things on earth unless the populace really wants it.

Chris Evans has become the Captain America of politics

If you follow Chris Evans on Twitter, then you know his political opinions are strong and compelling. His views make him Captain America for some, though perhaps a pariah to others.

Whatever your opinion is of Evans’s political beliefs, he’s championing many important causes other actors might have trepidation to take on. We’ve wondered if playing Captain America gave him the mental reinforcement to take on his political beliefs, including starting his own, nonpartisan political website.

There really isn’t hyperbole to the idea playing a superhero in the MCU requires so much commitment, the actors might really feel like they’re the characters on the inside.