Which ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Fans Think Should Be in the Running for ‘The Bachelorette’

While it may feel like we’ve only just begun Peter Weber’s Bachelor journey, fans are already starting to talk about who they’d like to see as the bachelorette.

Peter Weber and Victoria P. | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Peter Weber and Victoria P. | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Here’s who fans have been talking about so far.

Victoria P.

Victoria Paul has gotten some decent time with Weber already, especially after their line dancing one-on-one. In the preview for episode 4, Victoria P.’s heard saying she has an incredible connection with the bachelor.

Lots of Bachelor Nation is drawn to Victoria P. because she’s been open about her mother’s struggle with addiction on the show as well as her calling as a nurse. Fans are saying if she doesn’t end up with Weber, she’d make a great bachelorette.

“I could go on a rant about how perfect Victoria P is… I love her. If she doesn’t make it to the end with Peter I would love to see her be the Bachelorette bc she’s just the best, but also she’s almost too sweet and good for that,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

“i can just see victoria p becoming the bachelorette so clearly,” tweeted another.


Contestant Madison Prewett has also emerged as an early fan favorite. She went on the first one-on-one with Weber and the two had an instant connection. She seems to be a popular contestant to receive Weber’s final rose but fans are hoping if she doesn’t end up with the pilot she’ll be considered for The Bachelorette.

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“If Madison doesn’t end up with Peter then she better be the bachelorette bc she’s the only one whose not crying or talking shit every 2 seconds,” wrote one fan.

“Madison for the Bachelorette 2020,” tweeted another.


The attorney who ran into Weber at a hotel before they began filming is another option Bachelor Nation has in mind. Fans are saying they’d like to see Kelley Flanagan apply her lawyer skills to The Bachelorette.

“I’m just saying Kelley for Bachelorette! I’d watch the h*ck out of her cross-examining guys here for the wrong reasons,” tweeted one fan.

“Prayin Kelley wins ~PeTeR’s HeArT~ but if she doesn’t, she better be the next bachelorette. Ok? Ok,” wrote another.

Hannah Brown

Not too long ago, much of Bachelor Nation was calling for Brown to be the bachelorette again. But then she had that huge, emotional cameo on Weber’s season and now fans are split between Brown ending up with Weber and just taking a break from reality TV for a while.

“Madi or Kelley for The Bachelorette; Hannah B. for Peter,” tweeted one fan.

“Hannah Brown for bachelorette again with the same contestants from her season @BacheloretteABC please,” tweeted another.

Another consensus reached by much of Bachelor Nation is that many of Weber’s contestants are too young to be the bachelorette.

“Right now there is no woman I like for the bachelorette they’re all so young,” wrote one Twitter user along with a GIF of Danny DeVito saying, “You sound like a twelve year old.”

We’re sure as the season progresses fans will have different opinions about who should be the next bachelorette. But, for now, these are the contestants fans have their eyes on.

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