Which ‘Below Deck’ Crew Member Misses ‘Hot Mess Carl’ From ‘Summer House?’

Carl 3.0 is in full effect this season of Summer House. Carl Radke, a self-proclaimed former f**kboy, insisted this summer would be different. He learned his lessons from the previous seasons of playing ball inside the house and wasn’t going there this year.

In fact, the 3.0 version of Radke even wants a relationship. When pal Kyle Cooke sent his girlfriend Amanda Batula a ($600) bottle of champagne for girls’ night, Radke felt inspired. “Watching Kyle do nice things for Amanda, it makes me want to have a girlfriend,” Radke says in a confessional interview. “Champagne, heart-shaped pizzas, oversized cards. I can do special things too.”

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The only wrinkle in Radke becoming relationship-man is that he’s got his eye on yet another house member. Paige DeSorbo, one of the new cast members, appears to be the object of Radke’s affections.

Things heat up between Radke and DeSorbo

Radke appears to light up when DeSorbo enters a room and flirting is on full blast. He’s opening doors, complimenting her looks…it is obvious what is going down.

The guys also ask DeSorbo whether she is interested in house member (and her coworker) Jordan Verroi. They reveal to her that Verroi shared some text messages that he insisted were flirty. DeSorbo confronts Verroi at dinner as the guys look sheepishly over their espresso martinis.

With Verroi off the player’s list, Radke is free to fully pursue DeSorbo. Linsday Hubbard takes Radke aside to confirm he’s into DeSorbo. “There’s a different shift now as far as where I am in life,” he admits. “I don’t want to be a f**kboy anymore.” Hubbard seems delighted and says, “You’re growing!”

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Is DeSorbo into Radke?

Radke says that being around people in their mid-twenties makes him realize he’s getting older. “I’m going to be 34,” he says. “All my friends are married and have kids. Maybe I kinda want that too.”

He comes clean with Hubbard that he wants a girlfriend who eventually he can marry. Plus he’s under a significant amount of stress at work, so he wants a career that isn’t so do or die.

He pursues DeSorbo later that night and the couple ends up making out in the pantry. The two continue to flirt all weekend. But, during dinner the following weekend, DeSorbo reveals she went on a date in the city during the week. Radke is silent, trying to be chill, but is obviously, a little sad hearing DeSorbo was dating. “Not jealous at all, no jealousy,” he insists.

Mixed signals?

Later, DeSorbo and Radke have a popcicle in the panty, but no kissing. “At the end of the day, we are friends,” DeSorbo says in a confessional interview. “So there’s no harm having popsicules in the pantry.”

But the pair continue on their flirty dance. They wear super adorable, complimentary outfits to visit a local vineyard. And while Radke is clearly licking his wounds, he’s game for more flirting and a careful pursuit of DeSorbo. And yes, they do end up making out again.

But this ‘Below Deck’ crew member joked about wanting old Carl back

Everyone is into Summer House, including Below Deck Mediterranean’s chief stew, Hannah Ferrier. Ferrier tweeted what some people were probably thinking during the episode. “I’m all about self growth but I’m kinda missing hot mess Carl this season,” she wrote. “Can we start a go fund me so he can reach his quota and make bad decisions again?

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Then Radke teased, “Be Carlful what you wish for.” Nice play on words. Ferrier came back with, “Ohhhhh!! You’re ready to ‘turn the f**k up’. I’m excited. Don’t let me down.”

Of course, one fan took Ferrier’s comment a little too seriously. “Ya?No!He is smart, and made his quota. He’s not some douchebag who would accept handouts (I hope?)I hate losers who start go-fund me pages for anything else but a family crisis. It’s absurd ‘help me go to Mexico for spring break!’ Really? No thanks!” Ferrier clarified, “Ah yeah. That was a joke.”

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