Which ‘Below Deck’ Deckhand Is Finally Working as a Yacht Chef?

Bruno Duarte from Below Deck usually appeared to be happier working in the galley kitchen than dropping the anchor on deck. The deckhand was often seen hanging out in the kitchen with chef Matt Burns who typically asked for Duarte’s opinion.

Duarte, who has continued to work on yachts since he left last season, posted about working as a yacht chef on an upcoming charter. Since leaving Below Deck he’s launched several businesses, including a baking company, plus a health and fitness blog.

Bruno Duarte |Photo by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

But while Duarte was on the show, he spent almost as much time in the galley kitchen as he did as a deckhand. Chief stew Kate Chastain eventually became annoyed that Duarte continued to offer unsolicited advice about entertaining and cooking. But he seems to have found his passion.

He’s been baking up a storm

Duarte created an Instagram account called Hunk Baker. He displayed his vegan, mouthwatering confections on his site. Duarte claims to be self-taught but clearly baking is a serious talent.

From cakes to macaroons and donuts, Duarte appears to have tackled the world of baking. And he did so using vegan products–not an easy feat. He shared why he became a vegan on his page. “Im on a mission…being on TV made me the opportunity to reach everywhere everyone and Im will try…,” he wrote. “Becoming a #vegan wasn’t a choice, but a natural change.”

While Duarte hasn’t posted to his Hunk Baker page in a few months, he’s been posting more about working on yachts. He’s also tuned into Below Deck Mediterranean and tweeted about how he loves Captain Sandy Yawn. He also had a comment about controversial Below Deck Med chef Mila Kolomeitseva. “What a Chef @BelowDeckMedTV damn you really hit the jackpot,” he tweeted. “I should be her sous chef. I could accidentally lock her in the fridge.”

All that baking paid off

Even though Chastain razzed Duarte for hanging in the kitchen too often, his time with Burns and recent baking may have paid off. He recently tweeted that he scored a gig as a yacht chef for the next five days.

Fans were happy for the deckhand turned chef. “That’s Great!! Congratulations!!” one person responded. Another asked if he was going to be a chef on Below Deck. Since the job only lasts five days it is likely he is working on a private charter. Duarte also shared what is in his yacht kitchen too. “My beautiful garden…provisioning is the best!” he tweeted.

Duarte isn’t the only Below Deck cast member to become a chef since leaving the show. Chief stew Adrienne Gang from season one is now a yacht chef. She too had a pretty strong reaction to Kolomeitseva, especially being a woman yacht chef. “#BelowDeck FINALLY gets a female chef and she’s making us look terrible already!” she tweeted after a recent episode. Maybe one of these Below Deck alums should return to the show but take over the galley kitchen.