Which ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Is Crying the Most Over the Show Ending?

The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory is almost over and stars are crying | CBS

It is widely regarded as the TV show that made it cool to be a nerd and is one of the highest-rated comedies of all time. The Big Bang Theory has become a much-loved part of people’s lives, and in the twelve years that the show has been on the air, fans have seen their favorite characters grow up, get married, and have babies. As one might expect, the actors on the show have grown incredibly fond of the characters they portray, and with the show set to officially end in May 2019, the cast is waxing nostalgic about the show that has changed their lives.

What is ‘The Big Bang Theory’ about?

Premiering in 2007, The Big Bang Theory introduced viewers to a host of lovable nerds, including the eccentric Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Howard Wolowitz, and Rajesh Koothrappali. The group of brilliant but socially awkward geniuses find themselves living across the hallway from an incredibly attractive blonde girl with a penchant for drama and adventure.

Over the years, the show has explored many dynamic storylines and deepening character relationships. Two of the longest-running themes include Leonard Hofstadter’s eventual romantic relationship with Penny, the not-so-stereotypical hot blonde, and Sheldon Cooper’s involvement with Amy Farrah Fowler, played by Mayim Bialik.

The show is also known for securing cameos from some of the top celebrities in the world of sci-fi and nerd culture, as well as some of the biggest names in science. Some of the people who have made appearances on The Big Bang Theory throughout the years have included George Smoot, Stephen Hawking, and Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy.

Why is the cast so emotional about the end of the show?

The show has consistently achieved high ratings and has grown in viewership over the years, which is rare for a long-running sitcom. It has also spawned the popular spinoff Young Sheldon, which focuses on the childhood of boy genius Sheldon Cooper. With rumors of other possible spinoffs in the works, fans might be able to look forward to seeing even more of their favorite characters in other shows, once The Big Bang Theorytakes its final bow. 

Fortunately, the show is still in syndication until May 2019, but with the official end of the show fast approaching, the cast is feeling sentimental about the sitcom that changed their lives. In a recent appearance on the Ellen show, the entire cast of The Big Bang Theorymade an appearance and discussed how they are handling the upcoming finale. 

Who’s crying the most over ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ending?

Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on the show, admits that she is by far the most emotional of the cast regarding the ending of the show. In the group interview, Cuoco said that she is prone to frequent, random bouts of crying just thinking about how the show is soon to end. “If anyone hugs me, I just start crying,” Cuoco spilled, with the rest of the cast quick to back her up. Although Kaley Cuoco is easily the most emotional of the cast, they are all pretty torn up about the impending end of The Big Bang Theory.

One cast member who hasn’t yet broken down? The show’s center, Jim Parsons, who has played Sheldon Cooper for twelve years. He admits that while the full emotional weight of the show’s end hasn’t hit him yet, he’s afraid that it will when he least expects it, and cause him to have a complete breakdown.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will be able to hang out with their favorite nerds for a few more months, until the show premieres it’s final episodes in May 2019.