Which BTS Band Member Is the Most Talented?

K-pop band BTS has been on an incredible journey throughout the past several years. From superstardom in their home country of South Korea, BTS has risen to become famous all over the world, even performing on Saturday Night Live.

While all seven members of the group are insanely talented, several of the band members have truly exceptional skills. 

Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, V, and RM of BTS | Bauzen/GC Images

How did BTS become famous?

Although BTS’s meteoric rise to fame in the United States has been relatively recent, this group is no flash in the pan. The band actually formed in 2013 and spent years perfecting their craft.

Through the help of social media and a very passionate fanbase, BTS started touring outside South Korea, eventually building a huge following all over the world.

In 2017, BTS performed at the American Music Awards, the first time that a K-pop group had performed at the awards show.

This marked a turning point for the group as well as for K-pop in general. BTS has won numerous awards and been credited with introducing K-pop to an audience of people that might never have even heard of the genre before. In spite of their accolades and achievements, the band hasn’t slowed down – in May 2019, they embarked on a sold-out stadium tour.

Fans paid thousands of dollars to be able to see their favorite group perform in person and the group had to add on additional tour dates due to high demand. 

Which members of the group speak English?

As part of the K-pop music machine, every member of BTS – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, are highly trained in music theory, dance, singing, and choreography.

They are totally committed to their craft, and rarely step out in public individually. The group members also keep their personal lives under wraps and don’t speak out in public about any dating relationships. Their fans are devoted to them, and they have one of the largest fanbases in popular music.

However, just as every part of a group is an individual, every member of BTS has their own unique interests and talents. RM is known as the “leader” of the group and often speaks for BTS on talk shows or interviews.

He is the only member of BTS to speak fluent English, although the youngest member, Jungkook, has mentioned that he is also studying the language. RM is mostly a self-talk English speaker and learned most of what he knows from watching TV show reruns like the iconic American show Friends

One member of BTS is an actor

Many BTS fans cite V as their favorite of the group. Born in 1995, V joined BTS in 2013. In addition to his role as a singer and performer with BTS, V also has a thriving solo career. He has released solo music and also works as an actor. V has appeared in a number of K-dramas on Korean television and has gained quite a following among viewers all over the world.

The BTS member who has received great acclaim for his voice is Jin. His soaring vocals provide the stabilizing influence in many BTS songs. He’s also a musician and loves to play the guitar. In addition to Jin’s musical and stage interests, he’s a savvy businessman – in 2018, he opened a restaurant in Seoul with his older brother. 

Every member of BTS is so accomplished that it is impossible to say who is the most talented. Although fans might have their favorites, this group is composed of seven incredibly gifted young men who have worked very hard for their success. 

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