Which Canceled Netflix Shows Do Americans Miss the Most?

Binge-watching your favorite show whenever you want on Netflix is something many Americans have become accustomed to. But 2020 wasn’t just the year of canceled events. It was also a year in which Netflix pulled the plug on many beloved shows, robbing fans of streaming another season.

These states miss ‘Luke Cage,’ ‘GLOW’ and ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ the most

A total of 47 Netflix original shows were canceled in 2020 but when fans were asked which program they miss the most a number shows given the ax years ago came to mind.

Ardent Growth, a digital SEO agency, surveyed over 2600 Americans and 71% were still upset that the Marvel series Luke Cage wasn’t given another season. BBC noted that the show was canned in 2018 after two seasons. Google Trends data over the last three years showed that those who reside in Maryland, Mississippi, and South Carolina are the most bummed about the series not getting a third season.

Coming in behind Luke Cage, is the female-wrestling series GLOW with 61% unhappy about the streaming giant‘s decision to forgo another season. GLOW was canceled abruptly in 2020 after being renewed for a fourth and final season in 2019. That decision was changed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. Residents in Arizona, Colorado, and Massachusetts took that cancellation the hardest.

Santa Clarita Diet ranked third as the most missed Netflix original. The cult hit, starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, was pulled in 2019 after three seasons. And those living in Oregon, Georgia, and Wyoming weren’t pleased.

Other canceled shows fans are upset about

Other shows that the public preferred didn’t get canned included The Punisher with 55%, Teenage Bounty Hunters with 52%, BoJack Horseman at 50%, The OA with 49%, Next in Fashion with 47%, Altered Carbon receiving 44%, and Disjointed with 40%.

“There are some brilliant shows in this list, I’d possibly even go as far as saying they’re cult status,” said Skyler Reeves, the founder and CEO of Ardent Growth. “Now whether these shows received a kind of cult status before or after their cancellation is something that we can’t quite be sure of!

“That being said, it was really interesting to see how people feel about some of these shows. It’s clear that they had massive fan bases, and with Netflix continuing to boom perhaps we’ll get some of the closure we need, or at least some good shows to distract us!”

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Main reasons viewers are so unhappy over the cancellations

When it comes to why fans are so upset about those shows being canceled the survey found there were several different reasons.

The top 10 reasons included: viewers thought there was still more of a storyline (68%), it was their all-time favorite show (60%), they were emotionally-invested (58%), it was a show they shared watching with a family member or friend (44%), they wanted more to binge-watch (37%), it finished in a cliff hanger (35%), they appreciated the representation in the series (31%), they are dispirited at thought of not seeing favorite characters anymore (28%), and they found the show to be inspirational (17%).

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