Which Comedian Begged Artie Lange To Stop Doing Drugs?

Artie Lange | Artie Lange Twitter

Comedian Artie Lange has been heading down an extremely dangerous and destructive road. The 51-year-old was given one more chance to get clean from drugs by a judge. Or face jail time.

But the consequences are graver than jail. During Lange’s December hearing the judge read a note from Lange’s doctor. The physician said one more drug relapse could result in the comedians’ death. Lange chronically deals with diabetes and blood sugar spikes have landed him in the hospital more than once.

After Lange’s December hearing, he tweeted about the seriousness of the situation. “Guys I will tweet about this once. Today in court they drug tested me. For the last decade or more they’d have found both Heroin and Cocaine. With the help of in my eyes a miracle legal medication called Suboxen I tested negative for Heroin. I haven’t used Heroin in 41 days…”

Lange said he was staying sober

Since going to court, Lange has tweeted about staying track. In the same Twitter thread, he wrote, “Pray for me. So no lies. I have 10 days clean. I am not stupid.” He adds that he knows he got help from the people who came to court with him, but they did so because of his celebrity. Lange also credited his attorney Frank Arleo, “Who I can afford. Others aren’t as lucky. My charity fund is still a go. I won’t abandon u-.”

But has since dropped off sober talk on Twitter

Lange has steered away from sharing his sobriety on Twitter since the initial tweets. Instead, he’s been sharing images with friends or tweets that have fans wondering if he is still on the wagon. From a January 3 thread, a fan asked, “Relapse tweets? I can hear Bowie’s ‘5 Years’ playing.”

Another fan wrote, “Something’s amiss w Artie…who’s gonna chk on him?” While this follower wrote, “Is there a good drug & alcohol rehabilitation establishment in or around Boston? If so, he’ll likely be coming soon.”

This comedian sounded the alarm

Most recently, comedian Richard Lewis tweeted a plea for Lange to get sober. “Artie, this is my 1000th request over decades to beg you to surrender to your addictions. When you had time clean we had the most laughs sober. I love you. You’re beloved and a magnificent comedian cursed with self-loathing and fear. Give it up and live.”

Other comedians followed Lewis writing, “I’m echoing @TheRichardLewis. Artie, it CAN be done. Richard’s living proof,” Maurice Lamarche, from Pinky & the Brain wrote. Comedian Mark Schiff wrote, “November 18th, 1984 I put it down. So can you.” These initial messages were accompanied by a string of support from fans begging Lange to get help.

Lewis personally understands the serious nature of the situation

Lewis discussed his own sobriety and friendship with Curb Your Enthusiasm star and creator, Larry David. And credits David for helping him get sober from drinking but joked about their contentious friendship. “There are a lot of holes in our 52 years and certainly the alcohol has put a big hole in it and on our friendship – sadly for me,” Lewis told Rolling Stone. “But it wasn’t like he stopped being a friend. I do recall this incident where I was newly sober and I’m in my home and I had stopped stand-up for a couple of years when I was bottoming out on alcohol and drugs because I somehow knew that if I burned that bridge, I would lose everything.”

He adds he knows how terrifying comedy can be when you are newly sober too. “But I was that frightened,” Lewis continued. “I was starting over as a human being. Sober. I was living on cylinders that were fueled by a lot of things including alcohol and drugs. Without that in my tank, I was scared.”

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