Which Duggar Couple is Most Likely to End Up In Divorce Court

With 19 children, there are plenty of marriages in the future for the Duggar kids. The most recent couple to tie the knot, John-David Duggar and Abbie Burnett, are just too cute together, but that doesn’t mean all the Duggar couples are having success in the love department. There are more than a couple of potentially troubled marriages for the new generation of Duggars. Which Duggar couple is most likely to call it quits?

Jill and Derick Dillard

Jill married husband Derick in 2014 after traveling to Nepal to meet him. At the time of their courtship, Derick was working as a missionary and had reached out to Jim Bob Duggar as a prayer partner. The approved courtship brought record television numbers to the family’s show, but things seem to have soured now that they’ve been married for several years, according to In Touch.

Derick and Jill Dillard no longer appear on Counting On, thanks to Derick’s unprovoked Twitter attack on Jazz Jennings. The lack of appearances means the family of four lost a major stream of income. While Derick has a degree and is now enrolled in law school, rumor has it that Jim Bob is fuming over Derick’s inability to keep his family in the spotlight. The Dillards, specifically Derick have also been surprisingly absent from several family events, leaving fans wondering if the family is secretly feuding.

When a family hates a partner, divorce is a distinct possibility. If Jill wants to get back on the TLC payroll, she’ll need to dump Derick fast. Nothing would freshen up the old Duggar brand like another scandal.

Josh and Anna Duggar

Josh Duggar, as the oldest, was the first to marry, and unsurprisingly his marriage was the first to unravel. Wife Anna, whom he wed in 2008, stood by Josh after molestation allegations were uncovered in 2015. Anna has stated that she was well aware of Josh’s behavior prior to their marriage. She has gone on to state she believes he repented for his actions.

While Anna stood by her man, a new scandal was brewing for the couple. In 2015 Josh was outed as a serial cheater amid the Ashley Madison scandal. Hackers released the names and email addresses of famous and powerful men who had active accounts on the extra-marital affair website. Josh’s name was among them. Shortly after that women quickly came out of the woodwork to speak about their time with Josh.

He checked himself into a treatment center and sent his wife and kids to live with Michelle and Jim Bob, according to Cosmopolitan. While Anna has stuck it out thus far her older brother, Daniel Keller is ready to jump in if Anna needs help. He has been outspoken about his distaste for Josh and his desire for Anna to leave the marriage behind. If all else fails, she has an easy out and a support system to help her with the couple’s five kids.

Amy and Dillon King

Cousin Amy has been a staple on the Duggar’s television programming. As the fun, rebellious and outgoing cousin, Amy showed the world that even ultra-conservative Christians have exposure to different lifestyles. Amy married Dillion King in 2015. They appeared on Marriage Bootcamp to air out some of the problems in their relationship and have been open about their need to keep things spicy and wild in their marriage. If Marriage Bootcamp taught fans anything, it’s that Amy and Dillon do have marital issues.

Since they don’t adhere to the same ultra-conservative Christianity that their famous family does, divorce is an option if things get bad. All seems well between the lovebird though, as they recently celebrated the opening of a store, and are open about their desire to start a family.