Which Duggar Daughter Could Be Successful After ‘Counting On’ Goes off the Air?

Duggar family critics believe that the end might be near. The famous reality TV family has a potential federal investigation shaping up, their viewership numbers are dwindling, and familial drama is making the matriarch and patriarch of the family look pretty bad. It seems like critics aren’t the only ones thinking that TLC will pull the plug on the family’s show sooner rather than later. Several Duggar girls have been working hard to establish individual careers in the wake of the recent unrest. Not all will be successful, though. So, which Duggar ladies have the chance to succeed without their famous family’s show?

Jessa Duggar is carving out a YouTube career

Jessa, who has primarily been described as assertive and aggressive, by fans and critics alike, has been spending a lot of time on YouTube. Her videos aren’t exactly professional just yet, but fans believe she has what it takes to make her own way in the entertainment world. Several other conservative Christian women are currently succeeding on the platform.

Jessa’s attempts at a career are definitely the most unique attempts within the Duggar family. While Jill, Jinger, and Kendra Duggar have all focused their efforts on promoting products and services on Instagram, Jessa is hyperfocused on creating video content. Could her decision to branch off make her the most successful? It’s possible. According to Social Blade, Jessa has increased her subscriber count by 11,500 in the last 30 days. While 60,000 subscribers isn’t a massive following, it’s possible she could garner more viewers as she adds more content to her profile.

Jill’s family drama may be a good thing for her career

Jill doesn’t appear beloved by the Duggar family. It’s been more than two years since her parents have publicly acknowledged her existence, and her husband, Derick Dillard, seems committed bringing them down. He’s chosen to take down Jim Bob and Michelle’s media brand by spilling the family tea all over Instagram and Twitter.

While Derick’s decision has surely made Jill disliked within her own family, it’s actually endeared her, at least a bit, to critics of the supersized family. It’s too soon to tell just how that will affect her budding influencer career, but it could be beneficial. If Jill chooses to shun the ultra-conservative Christian ministry her parents belong to in favor of a more moderate religious sect, she could have a pretty active influencer career. It would, however, require Jill to speak up for herself and address her family drama publicly. It’s unknown if she’ll actually go that route, though.

Jinger Duggar doesn’t seem to be cut out for an independent career in front of the camera

While Jeremy Vuolo and his wife, Jinger Duggar, are considered fan favorites, Jinger doesn’t seem to be cut out for life in front of a camera, at least not as an independent entity. The mother of one has had a few false starts when it comes to establishing a career as an Instagram influencer and things don’t seem to be getting better as she goes along. In fact, her endorsements appear to be getting worse.

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Back in 2019, Jinger had at least one product endorsement pulled when fans of a niche donut shop in Los Angeles complained about her family’s beliefs. That didn’t stop Jinger from picking up a new product to advertise, but that didn’t go well either. In February 2020, Jinger took to Instagram to tell fans all about a financial planning app. The app, which is attempting to compete with the likes of Acorn and Stash, is pretty simple to understand, but Jinger failed to explain exactly what it could do accurately. She also shared the talking points in the story instead of a link to the app’s website. She hasn’t posted an advertisement since.