Which Fox News Commentator Is More Controversial: Sean Hannity or Tomi Lahren?

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity at Fox News | Rob Kim/Stringer

Fox News comes under fire often for their ultra-conservative views and controversial commentators. Over the years, Fox News commentators have said or reported on modern events in a rather risqué way, causing severe backlash from not only liberals but some of their own conservatives.

Lately, two big names from Fox News have been in the headlines for their scandals, insensitivity, and generally controversial political views – Sean Hannity and Tomi Lahren. But which one is more controversial? It’s a hard question to answer, but here’s what we found.

Sean Hannity is among the most hated news anchors

A publication by USA News in 2012 listed Sean Hannity as one of the top ten most hated news anchors on television (at the time). He wasn’t the only person from Fox to make the list, either. Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends also made the list. The reason Hannity made the list? He “too often parrots GOP talking points.”

Sean Hannity controversies

Sean Hannity has had his fair share of scandal and controversy. One of the most famous was over the welfare debate. Despite stating he was incredibly opposed to the welfare system, Hannity has been proven to benefit from it several times. He’s used government-backed loans (i.e. welfare) to purchase properties in low-income neighborhoods for profit.

Then there was the week where Sean Hannity threw fire onto the flames of a large conspiracy theory surrounding the murder of Seth Rich. Rich was a former Democratic National Committee staffer. The theory is that he ended up dead after being in contact with WikiLeaks – but Hannity was forced to retract his statements by Fox.

Tomi Lahren controversies

Tomi Lahren’s first big controversy came when she had a ‘Final Thought’ on how Obama handled the aftermath of the Chattanooga military base shootings. Then she had some choice words for Beyoncé after her Black Panther Super Bowl tribute: “Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods. Start at home.”

Of course, this is far from the ending. Lahren also compared the black lives matter movement to the KKK, and then she took the very liberal opinion of being pro-choice despite claiming she’s a conservative.

The icing on the cake is her Instagram image of her wearing a flag which, most people know, is considered to be disrespectful. Not to mention the constitution and law forbids the wearing of an actual flag. She captioned her image with “Oh LA get ready to find your safe spaces! What am I? Well if you’re a conservative, I’m American AF. If you’re a lib, I’m ‘offensive.’ Let’s go.”

Sean Hannity vs. Tomi Lahren: who is more controversial?

It’s a hard toss up over who is more controversial – Sean Hannity or Tomi Lahren. It would, I suppose, depend on which viewpoint you were talking about.

Regarding racism, Tomi Lahren is the obvious choice. Her racial statements and slurs are not only shameful but alarming because they are so outright and in-your-face. Although, much to everyone’s surprise, Lahren has consistently denied being racist despite a significant number of statements to the contrary.

If you’re talking about welfare or Donald Trump, Sean Hannity’s viewpoints are much more controversial. Many think he is in the pocket of President Donald Trump, which is why he supports the president’s opinion regardless of how unpopular it is. Also, the welfare scandal has yet to die down.

While it can be difficult to determine who is the most controversial, one thing is certain. Tomi Lahren and Sean Hannity are among the most controversial television hosts currently on television.