Which ‘Friends’ Cast Members Dated? These Co-Stars Dated Throughout the Series and Beyond

Friends might have started out as a show that highlights the relationship between six friends in New York City, but it also covered something most people go through in the 20s and 30s. As much as it was about friendship, it was also about dating, specifically dating your friends (we see you, Monica and Chandler). As it turns out, the cast of Friends knew a little bit about dating their friends in real life — as many of the co-stars were either dating or married to each other.

Curious to know which Friends cast members dated? We uncover the juicy details, ahead.

Rachel Green at Central Perk on 'Friends'

Some of the Friends cast members dated or married their co-stars. | NBC

Jennifer Aniston

Of all the Friends cast members, Jennifer Aniston got around the most. That said, she didn’t meet her boyfriends — and husband — while filming. Most were cast during (or after) their relationship. We shared which Friends cast members dated Jennifer Aniston, below.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt made a cameo on the show as Ross’ former high school friend, Will Colbert. At the time, he and Jennifer Aniston were married — which made it extra hilarious when his character revealed he and Ross were once in an “I hate Rachel” club. Kudos, Friends producers!

Tate Donovan

Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Green’s dating history aligned when the show cast Tate Donovan as Rachel’s love interest, Joshua. At the time, Donovan and Aniston had recently broken up, which made the experience awkward and “horrible,” as Donovan later described it.

Paul Rudd

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd also have a history. The two allegedly dated prior to the show’s beginning in 1998 while filming The Object of My Affection. The two remained good friends after — no pun intended — and Rudd was cast as Phoebe Buffay’s love interest in 2002.

Matthew Perry

Rumor has it, Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston also had a love connection. That said, it wasn’t until after the series ended. In 2006 — nearly two years after the show ended — some believed the former co-stars dated.

1997 Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan in "Friends" ("Rachel's Crush").

Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan dated on Friends and in real life. | Warner Bros.

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox’s list is much smaller than her best friend, Jennifer’s. However, she was married to one of the series’ supporting cast members.

David Arquette

Plot twist: Phoebe’s stalker — aka, David Arquette — was Courteney Cox’s husband. The two were together from 1999 until their divorce in 2013. They were also pregnant with their daughter Coco during the 10th season. However, show writers could not write the pregnancy into the show (like they did for Lisa Kudrow) as they had already established that Monica couldn’t get pregnant.

Matthew Perry

According to several reports, Matthew Perry is another Friends cast member that dated their co-stars. And although his relationship with Jennifer Aniston is merely a rumor, she’s not the only cast member to win him over.

Julia Roberts

Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts’ relationship was much different in real life than on the show. Roberts played Susie Moss — aka “Susie Underpants” — a girl Chandler knew in the fourth grade. According to her recollection, Susie wore glasses and used a box of animal crackers as a purse — oh, and she was nicknamed Susie Underpants after Chandler lifted up her skirt during a school play. The two end up dating on the show (and in real life) but ultimately break up after Susie reveals to motive: revenge.

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