Which Iconic Disney Villain Are Fans Urging Lizzo To Play After Seeing Her Latest Instagram Post?

When it comes to social media presence, Lizzo definitely has it.

The “Juice” singer has been racking up millions of followers over the last few months due to her body-positive and unapologetic social media posts.

Lizzo | Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Pandora

Due to her huge personality and amazingly unique fashion, fans are calling for the flute playing singer to be cast in a live-action remake of a Disney classic playing one of the most glamorous villains.

The Lizzo-as-Ursula movement has already begun

Fans can’t seem to keep their cool after Lizzo recently gave major Ursula from ‘The Little Mermaid” vibes this past week.

On June 13, the singer performed at the 50th annual Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony in honor of Missy Elliott’s induction. After seeing her outfit, fans were certain Lizzo had once again embodied the iconic Disney villain Ursula.

In a series of photos from that night, Lizzo donned a teal and black gown and close-cropped red hair, which essentially made her just look like the sea witch.

Of course, fans were quick to point out the resemblance and quickly took to Twitter to demand Disney to offer Lizzo the role of Ursula in a live-action remake of the beloved 90s film.

One fan even shared their ideal cast list for “The Little Mermaid” remake and along with it including Lizzo, it included some of your favorite celebrities.

Fans have been urging Disney to cast Lizzo for the past few months

This isn’t the first time fans have thought Lizzo could most definitely play Ursula in a live-action remake.

Back in October, the body-positive queen tweeted out an “audition tape” with the caption “Just gonna put this back out there. IT IS MY DREAM TO PLAY URSULA IN THE LIL MERMAID.”

A few short weeks after that, Lizzo then dressed up as the sea witch for Halloween.

Fans can tell that Lizzo was born to play Ursuala and are patiently waiting for that happen.

Thousands of fans have been advocated for this over the past eight months and were hoping Disney would hear their pleas and finally cast her.

Disney has yet to announce any casting decisions for the upcoming adaptation of the classic story and until they do, the company can expect a large number of tweets coming their way on a daily basis.

It has been rumored that Disney is set to produce a live-action version “The Little Mermaid” and was considering casting Lady Gaga to play Ursula.

Now that fans have heard Lizzo’s spot-on Ursula laugh and can envision her as the iconic villain, Disney might not have any other choice but to give her the role.

Lizzo has made it clear that she is perfect for the role of Ursula and along with her insane musical abilities, we don’t think there is anyone who could top her.

It is now up to Disney to make the final decision and for their peace of mind, we really hope they make the right choice.